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Review May 17, 2023 - Instagram Launch
We celebrated the launch of our Instagram account with students and faculty staff in front of our Student Office for Barriere-Sensitive Service (STUBBS). We performed interviews, offered waffles and drinks, and demonstrated how people with visual impairments can navigate digitally.
Upcoming Events

April 03, 2023 - Digital InForm Possible teching-scenarios with Moodle

In the practical workshop, we will present you with a blueprint best practice aspect for designing a Moodle course. The blueprint contains aspects of the course concept, the course structure, the course design, the structuring of the participants and learning paths. It serves as a working template for your own course design with individual and group work phases.


September 28, 2023 - Creating barriere-sensitiv digital learning scenarios

In the 4-hour design thinking workshop, participants will develop persona-based learning/teaching scenarios in order to design barrier-sensitive digital content. 
The workshop will be provided by the Digital InForm format in cooperation with FabricaDigitalis and the ZWW.

The registration takes place through the ZWW

Posts from students on STUDYasU-Instagram Account

Students of the seminar 'Barrier-sensitive Blended Learning' create barrier-sensitive contributions to categories such as 'Did you know?' or 'How to know?', which are gradually published on our account.

Thematically, it revolves around the current offerings at the EUF and in Flensburg, but it also reveals optimization needs. The contributions should contribute to the sensitization of the actors at the EUF and stimulate a common exchange.

We look forward to your comments/DMs! @studyasyouare

Barrier-sensitivity at the EUF

STUDYasU-Poster on the campus

On the campus of the Europa-Universität Flensburg our posters are displayed at the official places.

Our posters are intended as flexible notices. In the upper area, you will find central information about our project. The lower area is used for additional information, such as workshops or talks.

You find our STUDYasU-Poster in the following buildings:

  • 8 x in Helsinki
  • 2 x in Oslo
  • 1 x in Tallin
  • 2 x in Madrid
  • 2 x in Audimax
  • 3 x in the library
  • 2 x in the canteen
  • 1 x in RIGA 8 (ZfL)

Have you seen them yet?


Leichte Sprache (Easy language) supports many people in understanding texts. 

This myth is true.

"Leichte Sprache" represents a simplified, easy-to-understand form of everyday and technical language. Rules are observed when using it. The "Netzwerk Leichte Sprache" gives the following rules as examples:

  • Use simple words
  • Write short sentences
  • Do not use abbreviations
  • Leave enough space between the lines
  • Make many paragraphs and headings
  • Use pictures

Providing (also) information in "Leichter Sprache" supports many people. If "Leichte Sprache" texts are missing, even a small information pleque at the museum could be hard to read and to understand. Thus, people with mental challenges who face reaing difficulties as well as people with dyslexia are excluded from information. Further, texts in "Leichter Sprache" support many people, such as second or foreign language learners of German, or elder people.

Visit us in our Student Office for Barriere-Sensitive Service (STUBBS), to talk with us about "Leichte Sprache" and Barriere-Sensitivity.

Online-tools (only for German language)

Language Tool Leichte Sprache

The Language Tool Leichte Sprache examines texts for compliance with "Leichte Sprache".

The algorithm uses general rules for this purpose.

Words and phrases that do not fit are highlighted with a reason and can be adapted.

The Language Tool Leichte Sprache can be used online: https://languagetool.org/de/leichte-sprache


Hurraki is a dictionary for "Leichte Sprache". It contains descriptions in plain language for over 4,000 words.

Hurraki is a wiki run by non-profit Verein Hep Hep Hurra e.V..

Hurraki can be used online: Hurraki - Wörterbuch für Leichte Sprache

Talk (only in German language)

In this video, a professional journalist presents her experiences with plain language. In her statement, she discusses different target groups for whom plain language can be helpful.

STUBBS offers and support

The Student Office for Barriere-Sensitive Service (STUBBS) offers and supports you with services for the design of digital barrier-sensitive materials. Click the following button to view them.

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Out of opening hours (GOT 001.1 & digital), the STUBBS is often staffed – please check the door label and come in :-).

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