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STUDYasU sees heterogeneity as a fact and acknowledges the individual needs of students as ever-present realities. Especially in digital educational contexts, where personal interaction between instructors and learners is either absent or very limited, there is a risk that students with learning barriers of any kind will not be fully integrated into the teaching and learning process.

This is where the work of STUDYasU comes in. We seek to raise awareness of the different facets of accessibility in teaching by providing information for teachers and learners and helping them gain the skills they need to implement various solutions for students with special needs. You are welcome to visit our STUBBS (Student Office for Barrier-Sensitive Service) service office. We’re glad to support you!

Through our work, we:

  • See inclusion as a given part of curriculum planning
  • Strengthen people’s positive self-image
  • Break down learning barriers from the outset
  • Recognize heterogeneity as a fact
  • Explore adaptable teaching and learning arrangements
  • Develop best practice models for barrier-sensitive, digital university teaching.

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