Ethics Committee

In accordance with the statutes of the Central Ethics Committee and the Ethics Committee of Europa-Universität Flensburg, the Ethics Committee is elected for two years by the Central Ethics Committee on the recommendation of the Presidential Board. The members of the Ethics Committee are two professors and one post-doc. In addition, two professors and one post-doc are elected as deputy members.

The Central Ethics Committee elected the following persons to the Ethics Committee at its meeting on 09.11.2023:


- Prof. Dr. Christof Roos (Chair of the Committee)

- Prof. Dr. Simone Pülschen

- PD Dr. Ines Schindler (deputy chair of the committee)

Deputy members:

- Prof. Dr. Claudius Gräbner-Radkowitsch

- Prof. Dr. Andrea Kleeberg-Niepage

- Dr. Sören Olav Carlson

The term of office of the Ethics Committee began with its constituent meeting on 14.12.2023. At the same time, the chair and deputy chair were elected by the members of the Ethics Committee at the constituent meeting.

Ethics Votes

In the Special Code of Conduct for Research, EUF researchers commit to a responsible approach to the constitutionally granted freedom of research. This includes in particular the assessment of ethical aspects of empirical research projects in order not to compromise the dignity and integrity of the participants and to ensure the safety and well-being of the test subjects.

Europa-Universität Flensburg supports its researchers in this task by setting up an ethics committee. The Ethics Committee assesses the ethical aspects of all scientific research projects involving human subjects that members and affiliates of the EUF submit and intend to conduct. Upon request, it issues an ethics vote.

Applying for ethics votes

The Ethics Committee is currently clarifying the application procedure. As soon as the Ethics Committee is able to accept applications for an ethics vote, the university public will be informed.

You can find help on checking whether an ethics vote is required on the website of the German Data Forum (RatSWD) at: