Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee assesses ethical aspects of scientific research projects involving human subjects upon request. Ethical aspects include the protection and obligation to anonymize or pseudonymize sensitive personal data, the safe handling of study participants and vulnerable groups as well as precautions for voluntary and informed participation. Research projects that touch on these sensitive aspects may require an ethics vote. The application for an ethics vote includes a self-assessment that indicates the handling of ethically sensitive data and persons and defines a standardized approach. Members and affiliates of the EUF can obtain a vote from the Ethics Committee after thorough self-examination and reflection on the research objectives and methods used (see information on submitting an application). Please note that in the case of research in schools, the ethics vote of the Ethics Committee cannot replace ministerial approval.
Whether an ethics vote is required for theses or doctorates must always be clarified with the supervisor (e.g. as a requirement of a third-party funding body or publication organ). Irrespective of the possible requirement for an ethics vote, supervisors are called upon to communicate research ethics standards to their students and to insist that they are adhered to.


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In accordance with the statutes of the Central Ethics Committee and the Ethics Committee of Europa-Universität Flensburg, the Ethics Committee is elected for two years by the Central Ethics Committee on the recommendation of the Presidential Board. The members of the Ethics Committee are two professors and one post-doc. In addition, two professors and one post-doc are elected as deputy members.

The Central Ethics Committee elected the following persons to the Ethics Committee at its meeting on 09.11.2023:


- Prof. Dr. Christof Roos (Chair of the Committee)

- Prof. Dr. Simone Pülschen

- PD Dr. Ines Schindler (deputy chair of the committee)

Deputy members:

- Prof. Dr. Claudius Gräbner-Radkowitsch

- Prof. Dr. Andrea Kleeberg-Niepage

- Dr. Sören Olav Carlson

The term of office of the Ethics Committee began with its constituent meeting on 14.12.2023. At the same time, the chair and deputy chair were elected by the members of the Ethics Committee at the constituent meeting.

Information on the application process

Members of the EUF and researchers of the European Center for Minority Issues (ECMI) can request ethics votes from the EUF Ethics Committee.

The processing time is approx. 4 weeks after submission of all relevant documents.

  • KonsortSWD (Consortium for the Social, Educational, Behavioral and Economic Sciences)
  • Qualiservice (Research data center for qualitative social science research data)
  • RatSWD (Council for Social and Economic Data)
  • TransMI (Center for Scientific-Psychological Services)
  • VerbundFDB (Education Research Data Network)

Please fill out the PDF "Ethics application form EUF".

Then send the form, with any attachments, to:

EUF ethics application form

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