Summer 2023: Council of European Studies and IMISCOE Conferences

After a period of analyzing data and preparing drafts we are happy to share that we presented further results of our project work on two conferences.

Between 27th and 29th of June Christof Roos, Max Nagel, Hanna Kieschnick and Kseniia Cherniak attended the Annual Conference of the Council of Europe in Reykjavik, Iceland. There we presented our papers "A European labour market and nationally bounded welfare states. EU emigration and challenges to social citizenship in Lithuania and Romania" and "Who politicises emigration and how? Evidence from party political discourse in EU sending countries of migrants".

In the first paper we show how emigration influences the sustainability of the welfare state in the countries of origin and how the political and societal actors respond to the mismatch of EU open labour markets and nationally bounded welfare states. In the second article we demonstrate that the politicisation of emigration by major parties depends on the respective party system and the particular institutionalization of cleavages. 

A week later (3rd-6th of July) Hanna Kieschnick and Kseniia Cherniak visited the IMISCOE Annual Conference on Migration Studies, where we, together with Christine Barwick-Gross, hosted a panel on "Interdisciplinary perspectives on inequalities in intra-European East-West migration". There we presented first insights of our analysis on how EU labour market inequality is framed in EU countries with high intra-EU labour emigration rates, and argued that exploitation has become a concern in our case country Romania, but not so much in Lithuania.

Now we are all getting ready to our project conference that will take place in Flensburg in February 2024.