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International Dinner by EUCS (Europe Week)

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As part of Europe week the EUCS Fachschaft wants to celebrate different cultures and countries by our students by sharing food from the respective students countries.

For this event we need everyone attending to bring a dish that is typical for the country you are from (or any country) to share with everyone. We plan to have a buffet with all kinds of different food. We would like to ask everyone to bring a vegetarian or vegan dish (of course you can also have meat options but it would be great to have it separate so everyone can enjoy your food). Also feel free to bring a beverage typical for your country.

Please sign up for the event by stating your name. If you already know what you will bring, please put in the name of the food as well.

We can't wait to celebrate Europe Week with you!

Public event

Organized by Lena Müller-Falcke, EUCS Student Council