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Incoming Exchange and International Students

Counseling and Recognition Office for International and Refugee Students

Gabriella Kristoffersen

+49 461 805 2954
Gebäude Helsinki - HEL 005

Moin Moin!

Welcome to Europa-Universität Flensburg!

We believe that internationality is enrichment and we welcome you with openness and tolerance.

Corona pandemic: bridging aid for students in financial emergency situations

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is helping students who are demonstrably in a financial or economic emergency situation owing to the corona pandemic with allowances totalling 100 million euros. They are paid out via the student service organisations – the Studierenden- or Studentenwerk (STW).

Note: You can apply for bridging aid online as of 16th of June 2020 on. However, for technical reasons, we will only be able to process and assess the applications and initiate payments after the 25th of June 2020. Support from 100€ to 500€ a month.

Online Information and application here

Information to Corona Virus SARS-CoV-2

Europa-Universität Flensburg is accepting international as well as  exchange students in the Fall semester 2020/21, considering the guidelines of the German government. All students will participate mostly in online learning. In case the situation with COVID-19 improves, lectures may be face to face.

Before planning the mobility, students are advised to check the official guidelines of the host and home countries.

Please contact incoming-PleaseRemoveIncludingDashes-@uni-flensburg.de for further information.

Since the spread of the coronavirus is creating increasing uncertainty. We would like to inform you about the general current situation at our university. This website is updated on a regular basis.