Beckmann, O. & Royer, S.: Business Models and Impact of Different Market Contexts: Towards an analytical framework for researchers and practitioners, 2016

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The focus of this research lies on the question of how the business model concept can be specified, systematically operationalized and adapted to different market contexts. In the existing literature there are many definitions of business models which include different components. We want to give a structured overview of comprehensive business model concepts and test if the definitions also reflect special market contexts such as platform markets. Platform markets are characterized by different market sides which are connected by network effects. Combining both areas, the aim is to come up with a comprehensive conceptualization of business models for researchers and practitioners acknowledging market characteristics. We test the resulting concept which we call "business model wheel" for the e-mobility market which we have chosen as an example for platform markets with strong network effects and identified differences between the business models of the electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers Tesla Motors and Renault.