Information event on the VW Foundation’s call "Challenges for Europe"

Date: 18 September 2018, from 12.15 until 1.00 p.m. in RIGA 601

ICES cordially invites all interested EUF scientists to participate in the information event on the Volkswagen Foundation's recently published call for proposals named 'Challenges for Europe'.For some years now, Europe has faced many challenges which lead to considerable tensions between European countries and which can only be addressed collectively. These include economic crises, social inequality, migration, populism and nationalism, the erosion of democracy, targeted misinformation, terrorism and cyber security. Against this background, the Foundation encourages scientists to develop research-based impulses for future cooperation within Europe. The aim of the call is to stimulate scientific debate on fundamental issues relating to Europe and the European Union, to open up new perspectives for comparison and to strengthen scientific cooperation within Europe.Within the framework of this event, we will inform you about the objectives, thematic priorities and general conditions of the call and offer space for questions and an exchange of project ideas and possible cooperations over coffee and (self brought along) lunch.Further information on the call can be found at: Registration for this event is not required.