Student Guidance and Counseling Service

The Student Guidance and Counseling Service helps students to choose the right course of study and to solve problems during their studies.

Our Services

Our Services:

Information and advice on all topics related to studying.

The team of the Student Guidance and Counseling Service is there for you in the Open Office Hours, and in individual consultations and via email!

The focus of the Open Office Hours is on brief information. In the individual counseling sessions, the focus is on all counseling topics and concerns that cannot be clarified by information alone.

We provide information on many topics including:

  • All study programs offered at the Europa-Universität Flensburg on the Bachelor-, Master- and PhD-level
  • Structure, content, requirements and qualification targets of degree courses, possible combinations of subjects
  • Basic information on vocational fields open to graduates of a particular program
  • General and specific admissions requirements
  • Application and admissions procedure
  • Aiming for Higher Education without a high school certificate/university-entrance exam (Abitur), non-degree seeking students, study programs for high school students
  • Financing and scholarships (except information on the German Government Student funding BAFöG),
  • Living in Flensburg as a student

We counsel and support you throughout your student life e.g.

  • we counsel you in every step of your decision making processes
  • we help you choose the best study program for you
  • we help you adjusting to university life during the first semester
  • we assist you in all overall questions regarding the planning and design of your studies
  • we advise you on learning and working techniques for your studies
  • we support and counsel you in difficult situations, help you manage the situation, find a new perspective etc.
  • we offer advice on further educational perspectives for Bachelor and Master graduates
  • we counsel you if you are unhappy with your study program/ the subjects chosen or if you wish to transfer from/to another university
  • we counsel you if you are thinking about interrupting or discontinuing your university education

We offer the following services

  • Online information about study programs at Europa-Universität Flensburg
  • Open office hours (without the need for an appointment)
  • One-on-one consultation by appointment
  • Information events and workshops for prospective and current students on special topics, e.g. scholarships
  • Information and Guidance in the Orientation week for first semester students of Bachelor/Master programs Orientation week
  • Networking: Special services for consultants and teachers

Open Office Hours

Open Office Hours

Are you interested in our study program? Do you have questions about your studies? With these and many other concerns you are at the right place!

During the open office hours, our student team offers you information and confidential brief consultations without an appointment. Many things can already be clarified in this context, which is why we recommend that you first make use of the open office hours. If necessary, appointments can also be made there for detailed individual consultations with our student advisor.

 You find our office in the Helsinki building, room HEL 002; office hours are:

Day Time by phone: Meeting-Room online
Monday 10:15 - 12:00 a.m +49 (0)461 805-2193, Meeting Nr. 1216426898
Tuesday 02:15 - 04:00 p.m. +49 (0)461 805-2193, Meeting Nr. 1216426898
Thursday 10:15 - 12:00 a.m. +49 (0)461 805-2193, Meeting Nr. 1216426898
  02:15 - 04:00 p.m. +49 (0)461 805-2193, Meeting Nr. 1216426898


One-on-one consultation

One-on-one consultation by appointment

Typical topics for one-on-one consultation:

  • detailed advice on your choice of studies
  • help with the choice of study 
  • You are studying with us, but you are not sure if you have chosen the right course of studies
  • There is a problem with your studies and you would like support in organizing your personal studies

For a full range of all topics please check: Our Services

You are welcome to make an appointment for a one-on-one consultation during our open office hours if your concern cannot be resolved directly there.

Our understanding of consulting

Our consulting concept is based on the following guiding principle: We advise, you decide.

Our support is designed to help students help themselves. We offer comprehensive information, tailored advice, and individual support for prospective students, applicants, students in all phases of their studies, and future graduates.

Our advice is always

  • in the interest of those seeking advice
  • person-centered
  • without pre-supposing any results
  • confidential
  • free of charge

Our understanding of counseling is based on the definition by the German Association of Student Advisors GIBeT e.V. (Gesellschaft für Information, Beratung und Therapie an Hochschulen e.V.) 



We maintain collaborations with a variety of institutions and individuals on and off campus.

Sabine Kröger (head of the Student Guidance and Counseling Service) cooperates with the following institutions and groups, among others:

  • GIBeT (German Association of Student Advisors) (among others member of the management board)
  • Nationwide GIBeT working group "Small Counseling Centers/Counseling Centers at small universities" (founding member, moderator)
  • State-wide working group of SH student advisors (founding member)
  • Employment Agency, Vocational Counseling of the Regional Group North

Cooperations include e.g. regular exchange of information, lectures, joint events, workshops or conferences.

+49 461 805 2789
Gebäude Helsinki
HEL 003
Auf dem Campus 1a
Post code / City
24943 Flensburg

Our Team

Please note:

Please contact us exclusively via the following e-mail address and telephone number:

Phone: +49 461 805 2193

Our team

Members of our student staff are:

-          Lina Bastian

-          Lisa Behrens

-          Vincent Erdmann

-          Lukas Hein

-          Lili Paulsen

Head of the Student Guidance and Counseling Service

+49 461 805 2789
Gebäude Helsinki
HEL 003
Auf dem Campus 1a
Post code / City
24943 Flensburg