What our alumni say

M.A. European Studies remain in contact with the alumni all over the world. See what our graduates say about how they experienced the study time in our programme, and what was their impression about studying in Flensburg.

Individual quotes

Kira Frankenthal

Working together with different people from all over the world (e.g. in group work or class discussions) has helped me think out of the box and take into account different positions.

Lucia Lene Vogt

What I liked most about the programme was the freedom to choose research topics for papers and presentations that we had a passion for. This allowed me to already conduct research on the topic that later became my master thesis in various papers and presentations within different classes and therefore in different academic fields.

Gerhard Josef Sells

The MA European Studies Programme drew my interest
due to its intense focus on
examining the structure and
function of the European Union as well as
the contemporary
socio-economic and political challenges
that it and the member states are faced with.

Ledis Irisa Celorio Torres

My background in Sociology
and my time in Flensburg, as a EUS
help me develop cultural intelligence.

Rachael Catherine MacLaughlin

During my studies I got the opportunity
to meet people from various
different countries which broadened
perspectives and helped me understand
how to effectively and better
with people from different backgrounds than my own.

Orkhan Huseynli

European Studies is a good
chance to understand the
political, economic, and social
process within the EU and
surrounding countries.

Farhod Umarov

I highly regard and cherish
those outstanding

classroom discussions.

Romain Herault

Beside learning about European politics and economics,
learnt how to work and live in an international

Christian Ivan

I strongly recommend the University
of Flensburg, due to its international
environment and the strong focus
on EU

Kemal Nedzibovic

Studying here was not only
theoretical but I gained very practical
experiences in European politics, what I apply
to my current job.

Christian Kenntner

European Studies at Flensburg is a mind-opener
and a great exchange of ideas and views.