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Organizing Your Studies

Changing Your Address

Changing Your Address

The university sends all written notices and letters to you via the street address you provided the university registrar’s office when you applied or enrolled.  

Please inform the registrar’s office promptly of any changes to your personal contact information. You are responsible for keeping this information up to date with the university. If you fail to do so and miss important communications as a result, you will have to bear the consequences.

You have several different options for updating your contact information:

  1. You can contact the registrar's office in person.
  2. You can change the information yourself in Studiport if you have already received your login coordinates (username and password).
  3. You can use the form below to send us your new information in writing.

If you have more than one active address, please indicate which address the university should use for postal communication.

Adressänderung Formblatt

09/28/2021 829 KB (PDF)

Change of address form (in German)


Semester Leave

Taking a Semester Off (Semester Leave)

You can apply in writing to take a semester leave of absence if you have an important reason for doing so. Important reasons include:

  • Public service as defined by Article 12a of the German constitution (e.g., military service, alternative service)
  • Personal illness or that of a close relative
  • Any study abroad activities not included in your degree program curriculum
  • Duties in an academic or student self-governing body
  • Leaves of absence that are in university’s best interest, or participation in a research team
  • Pregnancy, maternity leave, or a childcare leave situation that would entitle you to paid parental leave if you were employed
  • Extraordinary social hardship

If you wish to apply for semester leave, you must do so during the enrollment period for the coming semester. You should have already paid the semester fee [Semesterbeitrag]. Only in exceptional cases (e.g., one involving a hospital stay) is it possible to apply for a leave of absence after this period.

Please note: It is not possible to take a leave of absence during your first semester at EUF.

Your rights and obligations as a member of the university are suspended during semester leave periods. This means that you cannot take examinations while you are on semester leave.

Antrag auf Beurlaubung vom Studium

09/28/2021 1 MB (PDF)

Semester leave application (in German)




If your application is successful, the university admissions office will send you via email a written acceptance letter (notification of admission). The letter will also state the enrollment deadline. To enroll, you must send all of the required documents listed in your admission notification to the registrar's office by postal mail (not fax or email).

If you wish, you can arrange for someone else to mail in these documents on your behalf; your personal signature is not necessary at this stage.

It is not possible to enroll at Europa-Universität Flensburg without having first gone through the application and admission process. This is true for both admissions-restricted degree programs and open-enrollment programs (i.e., those that can accept an unlimited number of applicants).

Required enrollment documents:

  1. A withdrawal certificate if you have studied at another institution of higher education in Germany. You may submit this certificate up until the first day of classes, if necessary.
  2. Proof of health insurance
  3. Evidence (either bank statement or a stamped bank transfer form) of having paid the semester fee [Semesterbeitrag]
  4. Evidence (either bank statement or a stamped bank transfer form) of having paid the university registration fee [Einschreibgebühr]
  5. A copy of an official, government-issued identification document (e.g., a state ID card [Personalausweis], passport, etc.)
  6. A copy of the first page of your admission notification as the cover page of your enrollment packet.

All applicants who are legally required to have health insurance as students must present proof of coverage from a public health insurance provider to enroll at EUF, or, if they are privately insured, a permanent certificate of exemption from the statutory requirement. Only a public health insurance provider can provide you with the required documentation. Below you’ll find more information about the legal requirements concerning student health insurance.

The certificate you receive from a public health insurance provider confirms that you fall into one of the following categories:

  • Publicly insured
  • Exempt from insurance (individual exemption, versicherungsfrei)
  • Exempt from the statutory requirement for public health insurance
  • Not liable to carry health insurance (nicht versicherungspflichtig)

Only a public health insurance provider can issue this certificate. For enrollment purposes, the university cannot accept documentation provided by other health insurance providers (e.g., private insurers).

You are legally exempt from the need to have health insurance if you:

  • Are more than 30 years old
  • Have reached at least the fifteenth subject semester
  • Are enrolling in a doctoral program

In such cases, you do not need to present proof of insurance or an exemption from this obligation to enroll at EUF.

The semester fee for each semester until Fall Semester 2023 has been adjusted to account for changes in the student public transportation ticket. These are the current fees:

Fall Semester 2020/21 fee 247,00 Euro
Spring Semester 2021 fee 243,00 Euro
Fall Semester 2021/22 fee 181,00 Euro
Spring Semester 2022 fee 226,00 Euro
Fall Semester 2022/23 fee 241,00 Euro
Spring Semester 2023 fee 251,00 Euro
Fall Semester 2023/24 fee 262,50 Euro

Please pay the corresponding fee to:

Förde-Sparkasse Kiel

IBAN DE68 2105 0170 0025 0018 50
Transaction comment/ Verwendungszweck Your full name (first and last names) and your first semester of study. For example: "John Doe, FallSem 2021"

Please pay the 25,00 euro registration fee to LKSH via deposit or transfer to:

Deutschen Bundesbank

IBAN DE82 2000 0000 0020 2015 77
Transaction comment/ Verwendungszweck "8723-11101" and "registration fee (Einschreibgebühr) e.g. "HeSe 2021/22" and "your last name"

You only pay the registration fee the first time you enroll at Europa-Universität Flensburg.

If you hold a bachelor’s degree from Europa-Universität Flensburg in the educational sciences or the mediation sciences and you been provisionally admitted to the Master of Education program at EUF, you must include your application to enroll in the Master of Education with your enrollment documents (see below).

Required forms and information

Information zur Krankenversicherung der Studierenden

09/28/2021 2 MB (PDF)

Infosheet: Student Health Insurance (in German)


Enrolling In a New Degree Program

Enrolling In a New Degree Program

If you are an enrolled student at Europa-Universität Flensburg and you want to change degree programs or majors (degree components), you can do so under the following conditions:

  • You must apply for admission to the new/different degree program via the normal online process.
  • You must resubmit all required documents when you apply.
  • If your application is accepted, you will receive a notification of admission via mail.
  • Following this notification you must enroll in the new program by sending the EUF registrar's office a copy of the admission notification and the certificate of enrollment you received when you re-enrolled for the upcoming semester.
  • You can keep your student public transport ticket, as this is not tied to any particular degree program.

Please note: If you do not apply to enroll in the new degree program before the deadline, you will irrevocably lose your right to a place into that program. This is because the university reallocates unclaimed spots to applicants on the waiting list.

If you do not accept the university’s admission offer for the new degree program and instead re-enroll for the coming semester in a timely manner, you will remain in your current degree program or degree program component (major) and can simply continue your studies there.

If you completed your Bachelor of Arts degree at Europa-Universität Flensburg and you have been admitted to a master's program in teaching at EUF, you can use the so-called simplified enrollment process. Just send the completed form with the documents listed there to the university registrar's office. 

Final Enrollment

Finalizing Your Enrollment

If you apply for a master's degree program at Europa-Universität Flensburg before you have finished your bachelor's degree studies, you will be provisionally admitted into the program on the condition that you successfully complete your bachelor’s degree studies.

Graduates of Europa-Universität Flensburg

If you have been provisionally admitted into a master’s degree program at EUF, you must provide the university admissions office (Helsinki Building, Room HEL 011) with paper documentation (no emails) proving that you have successfully obtained your bachelor’s degree. This must be done on your own initiative, without being asked. You can submit this document by November 1 for Fall Semester admission or May 1 for Spring Semester admission.

Acceptable evidence includes one of the following:

  • A copy of your bachelor's degree certificate or diploma
  • A print-out of the confirmation of degree completion [Abschlussbestätigung] from Studiport (new!), without signature or stamp

If you fail to submit evidence that you completed your bachelor’s studies by November 1 or May 1 (Fall Semester/Spring Semester), your acceptance of the offered study place will be canceled and you will irrevocably lose your spot in the degree program.

You have to option to send this document via the university’s internal campus mail  (Helsinki Building, Box No. 18 or 19). You do not have to submit it in person.

Please note

The deadlines mentioned here are the general rule, but they can vary depending on your degree program. Check the deadline given in your admissions notification.

Graduates of other universities or higher education institutions:

Graduates of other institutions of higher education can submit one of the following documents to finalize their enrollment:

  1. A certified copy of your B.A. certificate or transcript. This document must include not only the degree program, but also the date of your final exam/day when you completed the program, and your final grade/final GPA. If you wish, you can bring an uncertified copy and the original document to the EUF admissions office. The staff there can use the original to verify your copy.
  2. An official, original document of confirmation issued by the examination office of your university. This confirmation must state that you successfully completed the degree program, and must list the date of completion and your final grade.

If you use the second option, you must still submit the certificate (as described in the first option) to the EUF admissions office without undue delay as soon as it is issued.

Please note

The documents listed here must be submitted to the university admissions office in hard copy (paper). You may not submit them via email.

Withdrawing Your Enrollment

Withdrawing Your Enrollment in a Degree Program

You may withdraw from your current degree program at any time if you wish to discontinue your studies. To do this, you need to submit a withdrawal request form.

If you have already completed your studies, please submit the withdrawal request form after you have received your final documents showing your official final exam date and the final grade.

While your studies are still in process, you can submit the withdrawal request form at any time - even for a future date (e.g., the end of the current semester).

To withdraw, please download and complete the form provided at the end of this page and take it to the university registrar's office.

EUF can cancel your enrollment on formal grounds in the following cases:

  • You successfully completed the degree program for which you were enrolled. In this case, your withdrawal is effective at the end of the semester during which you took the last mandatory exam for that degree program.
  • You failed an exam and have no option to retake it. In this case, your enrollment will end on the day when you failed the aforementioned exam.
  • You failed to re-enroll for the next semester before the deadline. In this case, your withdrawal goes into effect at the end of the current semester.
  • Your health insurance coverage expires. In this case, the withdrawal is effective from the date when you inform the registrar's office of the lapse in coverage.
Please note:

We can only process the withdrawal request form if a member of the Central University Library staff (ZHB) has signed the certificate of exoneration (appendix to the request form). After you have filled out the withdrawal request form, you can send it to the ZHB and ask them to sign the certificate and then forward the form to the registrar's office.

Antrag auf Entlassung (Exmatrikulation)

09/28/2021 2 MB (PDF)

Withdrawal request form (in German)


NEW: Health Insurance Reporting Procedure

Electronic Student Registration (SMV) is mandatory for all applicants as of Spring Semester 2022

In accordance with §199a SGB V, health insurance companies [Krankenkasse] and universities are mutually obliged to report to each other on health insurance matters. 

The only exceptions are doctoral students and students who have reached the age of 30 at the beginning of the semester, as these groups of people are no longer subject to compulsory insurance in the student health insurance scheme.

Health insurance companies report the following information to universities:

  • Insurance status (M10)
  • Start of insurance after changing health insurance provider (M11)
  • Delayed payments for health insurance (M12)
  • Settlement of outstanding payments owed for health insurance (M13).

Universities report the following information to health insurance companies:

  • Start of studies and date of enrollment (M20)
  • End of the semester when the student withdraws from studies/when the student's withdrawal from studies takes effect (M30)


You must provide us with an electronic notification of your insurance status (M10) by the date of your enrollment, at the very latest.

Please inform your statutory health insurance company about the intended start of your studies at Europa-Universität Flensburg no later than the date when you submit your enrollment documents, following your admission to EUF.

When doing so, please give our separate sender number H0000618.

Your health insurance company will then send the required notification to us.

Students who change health insurance providers

To ensure smooth communications, we need an electronic notification of the change of health insurance provider (M11) from your new health insurance provider.

For this, please give our separate sender number H0000618.

German nationals with a German education or with the same status under admission law / German citizens

Before you apply, please request a "Meldegrund M10 für die Europa-Universität Flensburg" from your statutory health insurance company. With this confirmation, the health insurance company will report to the university whether you:

  • Are independently insured with the health insurance company
  • Are co-insured through your parents

If you are exempt from compulsory insurance (for example because you have private health insurance), you are free to choose which statutory health insurance company should handle the electronic notification "Meldegrund 10" for you.

Please give your statutory health provider our special sender number H0000618.

EU Citizens

Applicants from EU countries and who have a European Health Insurance Card do not need to take out additional health insurance in Germany. 

You only need to present your European Health Insurance Card to a German statutory health insurance company of your choice before sending in your enrollment documents. There you will receive a formal "confirmation of exemption from compulsory insurance" and note stating "M10" as the reason for enrollment.

For this, please give our separate sender number H0000618.

Citizens of countries that have a social security agreement with Germany

If you have a statutory health insurance in your home country, ask your insurance agent for a form certifying your health insurance coverage abroad. The forms have different names depending on the country of origin (for example, ATN11, AT11 or BH6).

This form must be presented to a German statutory health insurance company in order to receive the "confirmation of exemption from compulsory insurance" and note stating "M10" as the reason for enrollment. 

For this, please give our separate sender number H0000618.

Semester Re-Enrollment

Semester Re-Enrollment

Every semester, students who wish to continue their studies at Europa-Universität Flensburg must re-enroll for the upcoming semester. The re-enrollment periods are:  

  • For every upcoming Spring Semester:  Jan 1 – Jan 31
  • For every upcoming Fall Semester: June 1 – June 30

The enrollment period is a cut-off deadline. If you fail to enroll during the enrollment period, you will receive a written warning that the university will cancel your registration unless you re-enroll by an extended deadline. Failure to enroll by the extended deadline will result in the cancellation of your registration as a student at EUF.

Spring Semester 2024 fee 233,60 Euro

You are required to pay the fees for the Association for Student Affairs [Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein e. V.], the student union [Studierendenschaft], and the semester public transport pass during the enrollment periods listed above in one lump sum (see current amount) into the account of the Association for Student Affairs:

Förde-Sparkasse Kiel
IBAN-Nummer: DE68 2105 0170 0025 0018 50

Please remember to allow sufficient time for the transfer of funds: The semester fee must be credited to the account before the end of the enrollment period. Be aware that your payment might not be received on time if you authorize it only on the last day of this period.

When you transfer funds, please be sure to list both of the following in "transaction comment" field [Verwendungszweck]:

  • Your six-digit student ID number (example: 123456)
  • The semester for which you are paying the re-enrollment fee (example: Fall Semester 2022/2023)

Very important: you must list this information in the transaction comment field when you make the transfer. If you do not list it, we cannot properly credit the payment to your registration. This will delay your re-enrollment.

If your semester fee has not been credited to the correct account before the published deadline, the re-enrollment must be done manually. For this, you will have to present the registrar's office with proof that you made the payment (this can be an account statement or a stamped bank transfer form). In addition, you will have to pay a late re-enrollment fee and present similar evidence of having done so. This delayed re-enrollment is only possible before the deadline stated in the written warning you will receive if you fail to re-enroll during the designated period.

Only in exceptional circumstances and with good reason (for example, if you fail a final examination after the enrollment period has passed) will you be able to re-enroll up to four weeks after the beginning of the semester – that is, until the end of March or end of September.

Please pay the late re-enrollment administration fee of 25,00 euro to LKSH by depositing the fee amount into the following account:

Deutschen Bundesbank
IBAN: DE82 2000 0000 0020 2015 77

Please write the following into the transaction comment line: 8723-11101+your student ID number+ and the semester for which you are paying the fee, e.g. "8723-11101, 123456, late re-enrollment, Fall Semester 2023/24"

Please submit your proof of having paid both the above fee and the semester fee in person to the registrar's office.
You cannot pay either of these fees in cash.

Making Changes to Your Enrollment

Making Changes to Your Enrollment

In some cases, you can change your enrollment status – that is, you can switch into a different degree or degree component (major) -  outside the scope of the official application process. This is only possible in admissions-restricted degree programs, and only after having spoken to someone in the admissions office.

To change your enrollment status, please contact the admissions office. After that, you can submit the request form to modify your enrollment status.  If you submit this form without prior approval from the admissions office, your request will be returned to you and no changes will be made.

Antrag auf Umschreibung

09/28/2021 488 KB (PDF)

Request to modify enrollment status (in German)


Logging into Studiport

Accessing Studiport

If you have problems with your Studiport login username or password, or your created a password without including the required two special characters, or you forgot your password, please contact the registrar's office. Please remember that you will need to show both your government identification (for example, a country ID card or passport) and your student ID card.