New Working Paper

Amina Ahmed Lahsen and Dr. Alan Piper have collaborated on an investigation of property rights, intellectual property protection, economic growth and life satisfaction in Latin America. They thank Tobias Halfpaap and Stefanie Stroppel for research assistance and comments on earlier drafts. The abstract of the working paper is as follows:  A central argument for increased protections of property rights (PR) is the role they play in encouraging economic transactions, investment and economic growth. Likewise, the utilitarian justification of intellectual property laws is that such rights promote creative inventions and innovation, and thus can make a nation better off. A further argument is psychological: it has also been argued (though rarely tested) that enhanced rights contribute to increases in well-being enjoyed by a county’s citizens. Many Latin American countries have made efforts to improve property rights (and their enforcement) in the recent past, with varying success. Using three data sources (the Latinobarometer, the World Bank, and the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitive Index), this investigation considers the relationship between property rights and intellectual property protection, economic growth, and well-being. The results, which are heterogeneous with respect to labour force status, suggest that policy makers in Latin America should pursue improvements in property rights if they wish to improve citizen well-being while also promoting economic growth. The working paper itself can be accessed in full here.

External Research Presentation

On October 11th at 12:30 pm Dr. Alan Piper will present an updated version of his research (joint with Dr. Ian Jackson, Wolverhampton University, UK) on the Empty Nest Syndrome at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) in Berlin.

Annyeong haseyo from Seoul!

Amina Ahmed Lahsen, one of the department’s student assistants, has written about her experience so far as an exchange student in Seoul. 

Nicaragua's Gender Gap

We announce another working paper, available in the MPRA series (Munich Personal RePec Archive). Titled 'An Investigation into the reported closing of the Nicaraguan Gender Gap', its abstract is as follows:

VWL 3 Posterwettbewerb: Die Sieger-Poster 2017/18

Island, Kanada und Kuwait – zu diesen Ländern sind die schönsten Poster entstanden.

Verleihung des Dr.-Hans-Adolf-Rossen-Preises an Masterstudentin der Abteilung

Am gestrigen Abend wurde Natalie Schmolck für ihre herausragende Masterarbeit mit dem Dr.-Hans-Adolf-Rossen-Preis geehrt. Hierzu gratulieren wir herzlich. Frau Schmolck sagte zum Erhalt des Preises: "Ich fühle mich sehr geehrt, für dieses spannende Projekt den Dr.-Hans-Adolf-Rossen-Preis zu erhalten - eine großartige Anerkennung."

New Working Paper

As part of the IIM’s discussion paper series, there is a new working paper available from our department: "Adult life satisfaction: largely (though not wholly) contemporaneous? A System General Method of Moments dynamic panel analysis" by Alan Piper

VWL2 advice: for students by students

In preparation for the new semester, the department asked highly successful VWL2 (Macroeconomics) students for their advice for new VWL2 students. Here is what they said:

un mensaje de España

Tobias Halfpaap, one of the department of international and institutional economics' two student assistants, has been asked to provide a report on his experiences and thoughts about his semester abroad in Valencia. This Spanish letter is addressed especially to those who are thinking about studying abroad for some time:

Introducing sneep

With all of the new and returning students, we want to take this opportunity to inform you about this student-led organization, active across Germany and Switzerland. Standing for student network for ethics in economics and practice, sneep is of interest to international management students because it stimulates the critical discourse about ethics both in theory and in practice, that is in science, politics and business. Flensburg has a local group of students both from the EUF and the HS. In the last year they have, for instance, organized movie nights with discussions, offered a workshop for up-cycling, raised awareness for the amount of waste caused by coffee cups, and raised funds for social projects by selling Glühwein.  About the experience of being a sneep member, Tobias Halfpaap said:

Siegerehrung des Poster-Contests!

Bretton Woods, The BigMac Index und Imports & Exports in Spain – zu diesen Themen sind die schönsten Plakate entstanden.

Satisfaction Comparisons

Dr. Alan Piper und Prof. Ilona Ebbers haben einen Artikel in der letzten Ausgabe des International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship veröffentlicht (vorveröffentlichte Version hier verfügbar).