Global Virtual Academy (GVA)

Open educational resources usually are accessible textbooks, highly theoretical material, and only in few cases actual educational material. A solution is needed that opens up the world of knowledge to the world, globally accessible and locally relevant. People from all walks of life need to be able to access and use educational resources which touch on their individual lives and their work. This can only be achieved by global content sharing and local content production and adaptation. The project team proposes the development of a “Global Virtual Academy” (short GVA), which offers free educational resources to the global citizenship. The Global Virtual Academy approach differs from all existing Open Educational Resource and global training platform projects by making educational content not only available but locally relevant; offering not a “one to many” but “many to many” approach; setting up international networks of authors and implementers; defining global authoring, quality and tool standards; using open source software for authoring and distribution, allowing for further development and adaptation of the tools from the network.


Medienbildung und interdisziplinäre Medienforschung
01.01.2009 - laufend
Institutionen der EUF
Department of Media Education, Institute of Language, Literature and Media



Partnerinnen und Partner


HTW Chur, Schweiz