Workshop "Across the Iron Curtain"

The MEWEB network organizes an online workshop on January 14th/15th, 2021. The recorded presentations will be available to registered workshop participiants beginning January 11. 

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The workshop examines the emergence and the circulation of European ideas between the Eastern and Western Bloc during the Cold War. The contributions discuss the official and unofficial channels and infrastructures through which ideas were communicated across hard borders. They focus the specific media technologies and the role of individuals that enabled the formation and exchange of new ideas across the Iron Curtain.


Cold War Media and Infrastructures I (Jan 14th, 18-20 h)


Thomas Wegener Friis, Creating an Alternative Public. Socialist Media and its Followers during the Cold War

Hedwig Wagner, East-West European Orbital Encounters

Tobias Nanz, European Crisis Communication. British and French Hotlines to Moscow 

Cold War Radio Drama (Jan 14th, from 20 h)

The Third Man (BBC Radio Drama, 1951)

Cold War Radio and Literature / Exile and Dissidents (Jan 15th, 14-16 h)

Discussion The Third Man

Joanna Nowicki, "A Quarter with Jacek Kaczmarski" in Radio Free Europe – a Voice Impossible to Scramble

Luciana Radut-Gaghi, RFE: The Tones of Democracy and the Voices of Exiles

Matthias Bauer/Iulia Patrut, Speaking out and Ceasing: The Case of Romanian Writer Petru Dumitriu 

Broadcasting Events (Jan 15th, 16-20 h)

Combined Presentation: Building an Ideological Field of Borders and Connections in the Cold War Media. The Case of Romanian Radio

Dana Popescu-Jourdy, The Chernobyl Catastrophe in 1986

Camelia Beciu, The Devastating Earthquake of March 4, 1977 in Romania

Cold War Media and Infrastructures II (Jan 15th, 16-20 h)

Lizaveta Dubinka-Hushcha, Cold War Artefacts in Post-Soviet Belarus

Joanna Walewska-Choptiany, Cold War Radio. Communication Between Polish Radio and Radio Free Europe

Anna Mazurkiewicz/Anna Podciborska, Finding the "hidden listener"

MEWEB Progress, Conclusion

Previous Workshops

The MEWEB Network organized two workshops in Bucharest (September 9th/10th, 2019) and Budapest (December 9th/10th, 2019). An online-workshop took place in March 2020.