ICES Research Colloquium HeSe 2020/21

Thursdays 17:15 - 18:45  in RIGA 601

 The colloquium is intended to provide an opportunity for all ICES members to present research projects, whether planned, in progress or completed. In particular, we encourage PhD students to present their research projects!

Datum VortragenderTitel
22.10.20Katarina StratenaPublic Discourse on Refugee Crisis in Slovakia and Czech Republics.
05.11.20Alexandra Berger EU migration and development policies - Implications for policy coherence for sustainable development, RISC Consortium Conference
19.11.20Dr. Sören Carlson"Transnationalization, social class and the symbolic construction of "groupness"
03.12.20Suat Alper Orhan  "The Convergence of the Far-right and Far-left Political Parties on the Socioeconomic Policies in Europe"
17.12.20Vincent Gengnagel Disciplines under Pressure: the Social Sciences and Humanities in European Research Funding
14.01.20Reto RösslerEuropa im literarischen Feld der Zwischenkriegszeit. Autor*innenschaft, das politische Imaginäre und der ‚Institutionenroman‘ [1912-1936]
04.02.21Gülybeayz KulaApodemische und rihlatypische Reiseliteratur(en) – Literarische Inszenierungen von kollektiven Kultur- und Identitätsdiskursen