WIFI and eduroam

Eduroam for guests

If you are already using the eduroam-service at your home-university, you'll be logged in automatically. Usually you don't have to change any settings.

In case you're having problems using eduroam, please contact:

WiFi for guests

Conditions for the use of the guest WLAN

Guests on campus can access the Internet via the WLAN "Campus-Visitor" under the following conditions:

  • You receive the access data from a member of the university (german only: §13HSG), who will act as your host and ensure that
    • the guest's activities are related to science and research
    • the Guest is aware of the IT User Regulations (german only) and follows them
    • the guest does not distribute the access data

Access data

Log in with your employee or student account to display access data for guests.