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Halle21: Even More Creative Space for Startups

Another milestone in the drive to promote new startups: A large hall in the technology center offers enough space to turn almost any idea into reality.

The goal is clear: to strengthen the startup potential of regional talent. For two years, the Flensburg University of Applied Sciences and Europa Universität Flensburg have been working to promote entrepreneurial action and an entrepreneurial mindset among their students and staff. Now, those interested in starting their own business are getting a new space: Halle21, located in the technology center of WiREG, the Flensburg/Schleswig Economic and Regional Development Corporation (Wirtschaftsförderungs- und Regionalentwicklungsgesellschaft Flensburg/Schleswig).

"Thanks to its size and facilities, Halle21 offers a versatile and practical venue. The expanded facilities especially benefit ideas and projects that need more room than just a desk," comment Stefanie Jordt (HS Flensburg) and Dr. Kirsten Mikkelsen (EUF). The two entrepreneurship experts pushed to expand the co-working landscape on the Flensburg campus as part of the collaborative project @ventureDock. In addition to the workstations located on campus in the Dock1 "incubator," Halle21 offers enough free space to make (almost) any idea a reality thanks to its roll-up door, high ceilings and flexible furnishings. 

The decentralized location of Halle21, just minutes away from the campus by bike, offers optimal conditions for networking, knowledge exchange and has an interesting activity program all about starting a new business. Startup experts and a wide variety of startups can be found here, as well as staff of the Flensburg University of Applied Sciences and start-ups by (former) students of the two universities. "It's an interesting mix that blends innovative input and exchange, so it will never get boring," note Mikkelsen and Jordt.

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Projekt @ventureDock

The third-party funded project @ventureDock is a campus-wide initiative of Europa-Universität Flensburg and the Flensburg University of Applied Sciences. Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWi), the EXIST V project is aimed at all EUF and HSFL students and staff.

Above all, the project seeks to develop structures for a forward-looking university for startup businesses, and to firmly anchor entrepreneurship courses within the curricula of degree programs for which the topic is a somewhat distant one.  It also seeks to foster entrepreneurial thinking and acting among university students and staff, and to further expand on extracurricular entrepreneurship education. Dock1's existing advising and support for startups will also be expanded in this context.