You are asked as a student - teaching evaluation (LVE): what it's for and how it works

Students of EUF give their lecturers feedback on courses they have attended.

Lecturers can thus further develop their courses and adapt them more closely to the needs of the students. That doesn't always work – but it doesn't work at all without any feedback of the students.

Therefore, we would like to call on you to actively participate in the LVE when it is offered. The more completed questionnaires we receive back per course, the more reliable the result will be. Five completed questionnaires is the minimum a course evaluation is based on.

If you want to know more, please read on!

The LVE is a standardised procedure for teaching evaluation. It has been established at the EUF for a long time and is collected anonymously with the help of EvaSys (online or paper and pencil). No names or student ID numbers are archived. The questions always refer to a specific course (and not to any related examinations). 

The questionnaires usually contain closed questions (these are questions to tick) and offer the possibility to specify one's own answers in text boxes. The questionnaires are suitable for lectures or for seminars and comparable classes. There are two different types of questionnaires. One aims at the teaching process (teaching process-oriented), the other one focuses on the students' acquisition of competence (learning outcome-oriented).

After the students have completed the questionnaires, the lecturer receives a report in which the survey results are summarized anonymously.

Lecturers use this instrument at their own discretion for one or more of their courses each semester. In courses with many participants they are expected to carry out online surveys, but again there is also the possibility for paper and pencil LVE.

The privacy setting of the survey software EvaSys only enables LVE reports that contain at least returns from five students. However, the LVE only becomes meaningful if we count ten or more responses in a survey. This is a big challenge, especially in small courses, because many students have to participate.

At the same time, however, this is also your chance: You are in demand and asked for your feedback – take advantage of this opportunity!

The lecturers are requested to embed the LVE in their course, i.e. to offer the opportunity to participate in the survey within a course session.

This can be done online (participation links are sent to the students in advance by e-mail - the subject of the e-mail contains the title of your course) or on paper (the questionnaires are handed out and a student collects the forms and sends them via in-house mail to Team QM (Postfach OSL 187)

The results are summarized in a report and automatically sent to the lecturer.

Results should be discussed in the course for a better understanding of both sides. The LVE serves the further development and adaptation of teaching – the responsibility for this lies with both the lecturers and the students of this course. Students also benefit from the active participation in LVE of previous cohorts.

If you have any questions or feedback about the LVE, we look forward to your e-mail or call. You can also reach us via this e-mail address: