Study Programme Conference (Stuko)

The Quality Management Office supports the preparation of study programme conferences and facilitates meeting moderation. If you are interested in holding a study programme conference or sub-study programme conference in your programme or sub-study programme, please contact Nora Fuhrmann.


Study programme conferences have been held at the EUF since 2017 at programme and sub-programme level. These are discussion rounds in which teachers, students and staff (e.g. programme coordination, secretariat) reflect on their experiences with the programme and talk about possible improvements. A programme conference does not have to find solutions for everything immediately; projects for the near future can also be agreed upon here. The team QM provides data in advance, facilitates the discussion and keeps the minutes.

One of the tasks of higher education institutions is to ensure systematic quality management for the entire institution. The Presidential Board ensures the quality of the study programmes not least through student feedback. The study programme conference is a suitable format in which students, lecturers and other members of the study programme talk to each other about the quality of study and teaching. Study programme conferences aim at - in conjunction with other formats such as teaching evaluation and accreditation - securing the quality of study and teaching in each study programme.

Participants need to be members of the EUF - teaching or studying or working in the respective programme. All of these people are invited to participate in the joint study programme conference.

Participation is compulsory for all full-time staff. Students, especially those involved in the student council, are strongly encouraged to attend, but participation is voluntary.

All members of the EUF who teach or study in the study programme can contact the head of study programme and request a study programme conference. The head of the study programme will then prepare the conference supported by the team QM.

The participants of the conference itself decide which topics should be discussed. It is about addressing any issues related to the study programme in an outcome-oriented way. What is functioning well? What kind of problems occur? What can be improved? The head of the programme gathers suitable suggestions for topics in advance with the support of the QM. The conference itself will decide at the beginning of the meeting what is finally discussed. These are examples of typical topics for a study programme conference:

  • Consultation on feedback collected in advance on the sub-degree programme/programme/the situation in the department or alike.
  • study programme in general
  • Identifying e.g. individual modules that could be thoroughly revised, if the need is apparent
  • Joint reflection on certain teaching formats, forms of work or examination formats
  • Any conspicuous data on the study programme, results of the graduate survey
  • Examination combination
  • In the case of combined degree programme: possible combination of subjects in the programme.

A study programme conference lasts anywhere from 90 minutes up to four hours. It is advisable to reserve three hours in your schedule and book the room for the whole time.

The QM supports the head of the programme and all participants of the conference with preparation and follow-up. The team QM takes care of the data in advance (e.g. programme-specific tables, results from surveys, or data from the controlling unit), facilitates discussion during the conference and finally documents the results so that all participants can concentrate on the discussion.

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