Student representatives of International Management

Dear fellow students! We are the student council of the B.A. International Management - BWL (Danish & Spanish) & M.A. International Management Studies - BWL.

We are ten elected student representatives from Bachelor & Master and represent the student body in all matters before the professors and the university. We are your informal contacts for all kinds of problems and concerns that you may not want to take directly to an official body. Accordingly, we can be seen as the interface between the students and the lecturers, the student parliament, the AStA and the university. We also represent the student body in the examination board.

Apart from the representation of interests, we organize extracurricular activities such as business talks, trips to fairs, discussion evenings, etc. In addition, we take care of the community feeling within our study programs by planning and carrying out get-to-know-you trips, regulars' tables, Christmas parties, summer parties as well as the cultural program of the introduction week.

In general, we have made it our goal to make student life in Flensburg as pleasant as possible for our fellow students.

So to stay informed about what's going on in Flensburg, at the university or at IIM and to reach us, you should follow us on Instagram & Facebook. On Facebook you can also find useful groups like the Book Bazaar & the Career Board.

In addition: Please contact us if something is on your mind.

How can you become part of us?

If you would like to become part of the student council, please contact us and we will tell you more about our work and how you can run for the next student council election. We are always happy to welcome new faces and committed students!