You need to fulfill final admission requirements?

If you are enrolled in the Master's degree program but need to fulfill admission requirements in the Bachelor's area, you cannot register for these courses via Studiport. Please use the form below to register for courses and examinations.

Please select the course(s) below that are listed as a requirement in your admission letter. When registering, please make sure that the required course is offered in the current semester. You can find the current course catalogue here: Studiport B.A. International Management - BWL.

Requirements for final admission

Booking course participation and/or registration for examinations (of B.A.-courses) for M.A. IMS students with final admission requirements

Personal information
Spring 2023
I would like to participate in the following courses
Deadline 10.03.2023:
I register for the following examinations
Deadline 09.06.2023:
I herewith confirm that my registration for above courses / examinations is binding. I have been informed that de-registering from examinations is possible by sending an email to until 14 days before the actual examination date at the latest.

Registrations for courses and examinations

for the upcoming semester are not possible at the moment. The form will be online when the semester begins.