You would like to complement your studies with a semester abroad?

Within the framework of the B.A. International Management - BWL it is intended that students complete a voluntary semester abroad. Also as a student:r M.A. International Management Studies - BWL it is generally possible to spend one semester abroad.

In the B.A. IM the voluntary semester abroad is planned for the 5th semester, in the M.A. IMS a semester abroad is possible in the 3rd semester. More detailed information on the first steps towards a semester abroad, on partner universities and various financing options can be obtained from the International Center and, in due course, at information events held as part of your studies.

You are already planning your semester abroad in detail and would like to have courses recognized?

Here you can find out how to have credits earned abroad credited to your studies at EUF:

Check which courses you can take at your chosen university abroad and which of them are relevant and interesting for you. In doing so, also take into account what you can have these courses recognized for, if applicable, and that this fits in with your curriculum and course of study. You can have a possible recognition checked for a maximum of 40 ECTS per semester abroad.

Check the recognition lists for your degree program to see if the courses are already marked on them and what they can be credited for. If your courses have already been recognized, please note this accordingly in the signature field of the recognition form. Please be aware that you must fill out the recognition form, even if all of the courses you will be taking have already been recognized.

Click here for the B.A. IM und den M.A. IMS.

If the courses you plan to take at the university abroad are not yet listed here, you will need to consider which of the courses in your curriculum has the closest content match to the course abroad. All courses of your curriculum can be found in your respective module caatalog (B.A. IM; M.A. IMS).

Once you have made a decision, you must submit an application for recognition about the course you will be taking abroad in this completed application for recognition and that you demonstrate to the relevant module supervisor that there is equivalence in terms of content and workload.

If you complete your semester abroad within the framework of the ERASMUS program, you must have the Learning Agreement (you can find out more about this in the information sessions of the International Center) signed by the study program coordination. For the signing, it is mandatory that you send the recognition applications signed by the module coordinators or screenshots of the lists on which the courses you are to take are clearly marked to the email address

If you have to make a change in your planned courses abroad, please repeat steps 2., 3. and 4. and (for ERASMUS, fill out the "During the mobility" section in your Learning Agreement).

After successful completion of the semester abroad, your application for recognition and the grades of the university abroad must be submitted to the Central Institute Office (ZIS) so that the achievements can be entered accordingly in your Transcript of Records. The conversionof the grades is carried out by ZIS.

We will be happy to help you!

If you have any questions regarding the registration of credits already earned, please contact the central  institute office. 

For questions regarding the recognition of courses, please contact the study coordination.