PhD scholarships

Europa-Universität Flensburg awards doctoral scholarships annually on the basis of the Schleswig-Holstein Ordinance for the Promotion of Early-Stage Researchers and Artists (Scholarship Regulations - StpVO of September 14, 2009; see Downloads).

Scope of funding

Funding takes the form of a scholarship and/or a mini-grant.

  • Scholarships provide 1,350.00 euros per month. If a family supplement applies, this amount may be increased by 200 euros per month.
  • Mini grants are one-time grants of up to 1,600 euros to covermaterial and travel expenses. See "Mini grants" for further details.

Please note: Funding allocations depend on the university’s budget situation at the time of the application deadline. There is no entitlement to receive a scholarship or grant.

Eligibility requirements

Pursuant to Section 3.1 of the StpVO, applicants must meet the following criteria to be eligible for a  doctoral scholarship:

  1. Demonstrates exceptional academic performance in courses and exams
  2. Is capable of doing important academic research
  3. Is under the age of 35 at the start of the funding period
  4. Has met the requirements noted in point 1 within four semesters of the standard period of study (standard period+4 semesters)

Application procedure

Scholarships must be applied for directly to the EUF Scholarship Committee. Please address your initial application to the chair of the Committee for the Promotion of Early-Stage Researchers and Creative Talent (Scholarship Committee); see "Contact."

Application deadline

The application deadline is currently every year in August

Further Information

  • Application deadlines: 1st October and 1st April, every year
  • Funding duration: 2 years (extendable twice for six months) 
  • Funding amount: 1350 € + 100 € (for research allowance + further health care subsidies)
  • Field of studies: all (except medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine)

The Scholarship Department of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung awards financial grants to highly qualified students and post-graduates at home and abroad who exhibit strong levels of social and political engagement. In awarding scholarships, the Stiftung seeks to counteract the social, political and gender discrimination prevalent in our society, and therefore gives preference to applications from women, students of non-academic and migrant backgrounds, the socially needy, and people with disabilities who demonstrate comparable achievements and commitment. Applications from students and post-graduate students from scientific and technical disciplines are actively encouraged, as well as from graduates of technical colleges.

Scholarships for Foreign Doctoral Students

  • Being admitted into state or state-recognised university in Germany or abroad by the time of application is required
  • Supervision by a professor in Germany is required
  • Outstanding academic performance is expected
  • Social engagement in the spirit of the foundations is required
  • High proficiency in German is a must
  • Monthly basic funding is €1200 + €100 (and a further €20)
  • If dissertation is written in Germany, maximum funding duration is 2 years (can be extended up to two semesters)
  • The same duration condition apply for the research stays in Germany as a part of a dissertation being completed at a foreign institution. 

Further information:

  • Application deadlines: 15th January, 15th May and 15th July each year
  • Funding duration: 1 year, extendable to another year
  • Funding amount: 1350 € + 100 € research allowance (the amound €1350 is the max amound and it is dependent on the student´s circumstances, such as civil status)
  • Above average academic performance in previous studies

  • Clear research goals by the time of application

  • ·        Being committed into socio-political issues

  • Field of studies: all

Eligible for a scholarship at the Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung are German students and Bildungsinländer of all disciplines, which are registered as regular students at a state or state-recognised university.

Likewise eligible are graduates whose personality and aptitude can be expected to achieve a special academic achievement in doctoral studies and a significant contribution to research.

Further information: (in German)

  • Application deadlines: 1st March and 1st September, ever year
  • Funding duration: 2 years (twice extendable by six months) 
  • Funding amount: 1350 € + 100 € research allowance
  • Field of studies: all

The scholarship department of the Heinrich Böll Foundation grants scholarships to undergraduates, graduates, and doctoral students from inside and outside Germany.

Applicants require B2 level German language skills.

Liaison lecturers / contact persons at the EUF: Prof. Gerd Grözinger, Prof. Christine Thon/ Grüne

Further Information: (English info sheet)

Scholarship for Doctoral Candidates

  • Funding amount: 1350 € + 100 € research allowance
  • Deadlines: May 31, 2022 (application window opens February 15, 2022) and November 02, 2022 (application window opens August 15, 2022)
  • All disciplines who are scientifically particularly qualified and who are union or socio-politically committed.
  • B2 German for those have a mother tongue other than German
  • Clear research goals by the time of application

Contact persons at the EUF: Prof. Thomas Behrends, Prof. Marianne Resch

Furher information:

For International Doctoral Candidates only in the Field of Economics

The Hans Böckler Foundation’s Dieter Schumacher PhD Scholarship program enables outstanding PhD students in economics to conduct a research stay at a German university or research institute. The scholarship program is open to doctoral students under the age of 30 years.

  • February 28th for funding beginning in Winter semester (October 1) and
  • July 30th for funding beginning in Summer semester (April 1).
  • You can apply for a 12- or 24-month scholarship.
  • EUR 1550 for living expenses and an annual allowance of EUR 1400 for travel expenses.

Further information:

  • Application deadline: open 
  • Funding duration: up to 2 years (extendable for an additional year, if justified)
  • Funding amount: 1600 Euro (extra child support possible)
  • Field of studies: historical humanities

The focus of the funding is on the historical humanities, in particular on the support of research projects from the following disciplines:

Archaeological history, historical Islamic studies, art history, legal history, prehistory and early history, history of science.

The overall grade of the university degree must be 1.5 or better.

Further information: (in German)

  • Application deadline: 1st to 30th April and 1st to 31st October, every year
  • Disciplines: all (except medicine and dentistry)
  • Funding period: Minimum 2 semesters, maximum 3 years (additional extension for a year is possible in exceptional cases)

  • For non-German and non-EU applicants, knowledge of German is necessary but no certificate is needed. Application documents must be written in German and selection interview is held in German.

For German Doctoral Students

For Doctoral Students from EU Countries

The Foundation for Freedom advocates the principles of freedom, responsibility, and a market economy, the rule of law, tolerance, and human rights. Our role is to offer political education as our contribution to uphold a free and democratic society. The goal of our work is to enthuse young men and women about the ideals of freedom and win them over as ambassadors who promote such ideals here and abroad.


  • For gifted Muslim students 
  • Funding duration: 2  years + 1  year extension
  • Deadlines: 01.04./ 01.10 each year
  • Funding amount: 1350 € + 100 € research grant
  • Above average academic performance and social commitment

Applicants require C1 level German. For more information on the scholarship see links below. 

Further information (in German): 

  • Funding duration: 2 years (plus 1 year extension)
  • Disciplines: all
  • Being admitted into a doctoral program by the time of application is necessary
  • Above average academic performance and proven social commitment
  • €1350 + €100 research support (child support is possible)
  • Funding period is maximum three years

This student funding institution is named after founder Klaus Murmann. 

Information for the PhD scholarship

  • Next application deadline is: 01.06.2022 - 01.08.2022
  • Application is through online portal.

More information: (in German).

  • Funding sponsor: evangelical church
  • Funding duration: 2 years (plus possible 1 year extension)
  • Funding amount: 1350 € + 100 € research 
  • Application deadlines: 01.06./01.12.

Every year, the Studienwerk funds around 200 doctoral candidates in all disciplines with scholarships and a comprehensive educational program. The scholarships are awarded in accordance with the guidelines of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, whereby one's own earnings and personal life situation are decisive.

More information (in German): 

  • Funding sponsor: catholic church

·        Membership in the Catholic Church is required

  • Funding amount: 1350 € + 100 € research fee (this is up-to-date)
  • Funding duration: Max 3 year
  • Next deadline:  deadline: Wednesday, 1. June 2022

German level min C1 is  required for foreign applicants.

More information:

  • Jewish funding organisation
  • Application deadlines: 30th September and 31st March
  • Funding duration: 2 years (plus one year extension)
  • Funding amount: 1350 € + 100 € research fee
  • Research proposal must be ready by the time of application

The aim of ELES is to financially and ideologically promote Jews, who, in addition to their own specialist knowledge, demonstrate a sense of social responsibility and a capacity for dialogue, and thus belong to those who actively shape the future. In addition to outstanding university and research achievements, the scholarship holders are therefore also expected to show social commitment in Jewish communities, in the social sphere, in youth work, in student organizations or in the social environment.

They promote professionally designated Jewish doctoral candidates in all subject areas and all disciplines (except medicine). Non-Jewish doctoral candidates can apply for research projects that cover Jewish topics.

More information (in German): 

  • Application date: 3-4 months before intended funding start date
  • Funding duration: up to 24 months
  • Max funding: €1250

Priority will be given to applications in which the candidate and the advocate expressly assert that no support is available from other sources (eg parents / life partner / institute), that the funds requested help to remedy a financial distress of the applicant and thus support the desired degree are essential.

For doctoral studies , the applicant should not have reached the age of 28 at the beginning of his doctoral studies.

Further information (in German):