ICES Research Atelier

Spring Semester 2023

Hosted by: Prof. Dr. Monika Eigmüller & Prof. Dr. Claudius Gräbner-Radkowitsch


The Research Atelier is one important element of the ICES Research School[1] and will take place every other Tuesday from 12:00 to 13:00. Those who are attending in person are welcome to join us for lunch at the Mensa afterwards. Technically, the meeting will take a hybrid form: we will meet in-person in RIGA 601, but also provide the possibility to participate via Webex via the following link:

Webex-Link: Claudius Graebner-Radkowitsch's Personal Room

Hostedby: Prof. Dr. Claudius Gräbner-Radkowitsch & Prof. Dr. Monika Eigmüller

For organizational issues we will use the online platform Basecamp. In case you have not yet received an invitation, please contact Claudius via email:

A short tutorial in PDF form is provided in the documents section of Basecamp. The first session also comprises an introduction to Basecamp. After the first meeting, a video explanation will also be available.

[1] Aside the Research Atelier, the ICES Research School comprises several different events and programs, all geared to supporting early-career researchers. You find more information on the ICES webpage

Goal of the research atelier

The Research Atelier is meant to serve as a platform where early-stage researchers get constructive feedback on their work. This means that it is not required to present final and full-fledged papers. To the contrary, everyone is invited to present ongoing work and receive feedback on open questions during the Atelier. Moreover, you are encouraged to circulate this information alongside an invitation to join to all early-career researchers that you think might be interested in participating.

To allow for the possibility of feedback, you should aim to give a presentation of no more than 30 minutes, better 20. Also, keep in mind that we are an interdisciplinary group, and you might need to explain disciplinary specificities and terms of your work.

For dates where nobody wishes to present their work we can also schedule more general discussions and inputs, e.g., on interdisciplinary research, publication strategies, or funding opportunities. We will discuss details during our meetings or via Basecamp, where you are also invited to submit suggestions on such ‘special sessions’.

For each date, there will be a so called "message board" on Basecamp. Here, the presenters can share their material and already pose questions in advance (e.g., regarding aspects of the work you are most interested in getting feedback on). All others can add comments also after the presentations, and post literature suggestions, etc. This way, people who cannot attend the presentation can also communicate their comments. And of course, you are invited to submit your feedback even if you do not have the possibility to present. I will explain how we will organize this ‘friendly review’ process during our first meeting and via a video to be posted in due course.


In case you still want to register for a presentation slot marked by N.N., please contact Claudius directly. The following dates are tentative and subject to change.

Date Presenter Topic
14.03.23 Prof. Dr. Claudius Gräbner-Radkowitsch Introduction
25.04.23 Anna Lichnitzer Sousveillance in Israel[1]-Palestin
09.05.23 Sören Carlson A transnational class in the making? First results from field research on Dublin’s tech professionals
23.05.23 Alejandro Valdivia Gesundheitsschutz in Schlachthöfen in Frankreich und in Deutschland: die Rolle von Gewerkschaften
06.06.23 Lara-Sophie Hoeren Regional Variation in Women’s Preference in Labor Market Participation
(additional Date)
Yosur Sh. Alkukhun The role of Palestinian and Israeli Cinemas in shaping the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
20.06.23 Faris Said Narratives of the Palestinian[1]Israeli Conflict: Emotional Responses and Keys for Building Peace