The Artist’s Tool Kit

A training program for the artistic process – problems, background, exercises


A study program in 24 episodes for art students, schools, colleagues, and all who want to use their creativity.

Each episode starts from a specific problem, providing scientific and cultural background information, and ending with ready-to-go exercises.


The program focusses not on specific techniques but on the artistic work experience itself in terms of problems and inspiration, of strategies and personality: How do you invite ideas? What to do when you are stuck? How does "seeing" work?

Additionally, 6 international guests will speak about their own practice and give hands-on advice on the artistic process.

New episodes every 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month!

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Who are we? How does this work? Go for it.

The Importance of Making Mistakes

We cannot be creative without making mistakes. If you want to find a new solution, you need to do something you have never done before.


1. Daily; 2. uncomplicated; everything is allowed. The sketchbook as a lab, as a store room, as messy place, as external brain, as playground – it is one of the most variable artist’s tools ever.

Collecting and Collections

How and where do you find your subjects? What matters to you? Suggestions on scouting, salvaging, and collecting. Collect what inspires you; find your own methods of artistic discovery and storage. Being in love with your subject.