Business Administration 2: Marketing

SemesterWinter semester
Duration of moduleOne semester
Module-Nr.BIM PF 03
Type of courseCompulsory
Frequency of module offerEach year
Entry requirementsNone
CourseBA International Management, also usable for other courses
ResponsibleProf. Dr. Berthold H. Hass/Ass. Prof. Ph. d. Svend Hollensen (SDU)
University teacherProf. Dr. Berthold H. Hass/Ass. Prof. Ph. d. Svend Hollensen (SDU)
Teaching languageGerman or english

Total workload and structure
(e.g. self-study + contact time)

150 h: 45 h contact time (Lecture/Tutorial), 105 h self-study (Reading about the lecture and follow-up of the teaching session, preparing exercises as well as written examination preparation)
Semester hours per week2 hours lecture + 1 hour tutorial
Emphasis of the grade for the final grade5/180

Qualification objectives of the module

The students are familiar with basic questions and problem areas with regard to the real economy and, in particular, the field of marketing. They know the meaning and structure of exchange processes. They can apply key analysis tools of the strategic and operative marketing and, in particular, even within the international field, without any problems.

Module contents

  • Introduction
  • Exchange, markets and competition
  • Consumer behavior
  • Strategic marketing
  • Operative marketing
    - Product policy
    - Price policy
    - Sales policy
    - Communications policy
  • Selected contexts of application

Teaching and learning methods of the module

2-hour lecture, 1-hour tutorial

Examination achievements

Written examination as 60-minute examination (5 CPs in total)

Specific features

Individual guest lectures


Freiling, Jörg / Reckenfeldbäumer, Martin (2009): Markt und Unternehmung:
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Homburg, Christian / Krohmer, Harley (2009): Grundlagen des Marketingmanagements:
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Walsh, Gianfranco / Klee, Alexander / Kilian, Thomas (2009): Marketing: Eine
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