Advice for the preparation of papers in A&O

This pdf summarizes the most important characteristics which scientific papers must display in order to comply with the specifications of the American Psychological Association (APA, Seventh Edition).

Here you will find a scheme for the different bodies of knowledge in work and organizational psychology. In presentations and written papers, students often add different text genres as evidence without any critical reflection and classification. The problem here is not that these different text genres are used, but rather that their character and their origin are not sufficiently considered. This classification scheme should help you in the future to use and classify sources appropriately.

Please note that in case of major errors in the table of contents and bibliography, when citing and when using insufficient scientific evidence (e. g. Wikipedia, Duden, Apotheken Umschau), the paper will be graded as insufficient!

Literature recommendations:

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  • For literature research, we recommend an online database of a university library, FB Wirtschaftswissenschaften, e. g. Business Source. Here you will find a list of relevant journals in industrial and organizational psychology.