Application for final papers are uploaded online here. Please note: We usually only accept applications for the coming semester, so if you want to write your thesis in the coming autumn semester, the application deadline is 01 June. If you want to write your thesis in the coming spring semester, the application deadline is 15 November.

In Autumn term 2024/2025 we will provide existing data from projects for all final theses; you can keep it short under "Topic request".

The application should contain the following information / documents:

  • Current transcript of records
  • if applicable, state whether you do the double degree with SDU
  • optional information on thesis, e. g. title of the paper

Bachelor students only:

  • Proof of having passed the module 'Mensch und Arbeit' / 'Mensch und Organisation' with a grade (at least good) for the written paper.

Master students only:

  • Bachelor's degree
  • Focus: S3 Organizational Behaviour / Human Ressource Management
  • Proof of participation in 'Organizational Behaviour' with (at least good) grade (current participation if applicable)
  • If applicable, indicate other courses attended (Health and Stress, Research Seminar, Groups in Organisations, Methods of Analysis and Design)

Please apply online via this application formular.