Thank you very much for your interest in doing a doctorate in the Department of Human Resources and Organization.

As a matter of principle, it is understood at Europa-Universität Flensburg that the allocation of doctoral positions is primarily reserved to students holding a degree with distinction (2.5 or better). Any exceptions might be possible, however, a justification is necessary. A possible reason for such exception might be, for example, a particularly interesting topic that raises expectations for an  outstanding achievement by the respective doctoral candidate.

Due to the large number of doctoral candidates and interested persons the following procedure has been laid down: For a first evaluation a rough draft (approx. 2-3 explanatory pages) of the envisaged research question and objective is requested. On this basis, a decision is made whether the planned topic can be integrated into the current research focuses of the chair. Subsequently, a definitive assumption of the supervising function is compulsorily subject to the elaboration of a conclusive and convincing research exposé (approx. 20 pages). This exposé should include any details with regard to the work´s problem definition and objective as well as any further considerations about the theoretical foundation of the project. Only after submission of such exposé meeting the usual scientific requirements a decision in favor of or against the assumption of the supervising function can be taken. Please refrain from submitting any exposé without prior explicit request.  

Any further information with regard to the doctoral regulations can be found here.


General information and regulations for the colloquia taking place can be found here:

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