The postulate of action orientation is followed in all teaching sessions given by the Chair of Economics and its Didactics. This is effected at the contentual as well as methodological level, depending on the course type. Thus, on the one hand, business didactic simulation methods are theoretically and practically employed in seminars and, on the other hand, there are economic basic lectures with relevant economic experiments in tutorials. The permanent connection between theory and practical application established in this way allows the students a profound understanding of their own scope of activities as lecturers, as they can transfer self-taught practice from their business studies to school practice and apply it there.
Even the students´ participation in projects within the economic training / learning research and the transfer of the results to training session contents play a significant role in teaching. As a result, the learners additionally gain an insight into the research practice, also implementing the idea of the teaching philosophy described.  

The range of courses given by the Chair of Economics and its Didactics primarily addresses to students of the Bachelor degree course in Politics/Economy as teaching subject and to students of the Master degree course in Politics/Economy as teaching subject.