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The Chair of Economics and its Didactics at Europa-Universität Flensburg considers itself as a bridge between the International Institute for Management and Economic Education as well as educational sciences.

For teaching and research the bridge between the two specialist fields of Europa-Universität Flensburg opens up manifold perspectives for innovative and interdisciplinary contents and issues. The chair considers the transfer of knowledge as well as the exchange of experience between research and practice on the one hand and the cross-border cooperation with Danish educational, research as well as business development institutions on the other hand as its major tasks.  

In the context of teaching, the bridging function of the Chair of Economics and its Didactics offers the opportunity - and, in particular, as part of  the teacher training -, to reflectedly discuss innovative teaching contents (such as e.g. in case of the entrepreneurship education) in response to any social developments and related economic desiderata and to learn their polyvalent and target-group-specific application possibilities in the teaching context.  

At the same time, the postulate of action orientation is followed in all teaching sessions given by the Chair of Economics and its Didactics. This is effected at the contentual as well as methodological level, depending on the course type. The permanent connection between theory and practical application established in this way allows the students a profound understanding of their own scope of activities as lecturers, as they can transfer self-taught practice from their business studies to school practice and apply it there.

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