Documents of the program

Examination regulations of the program EUM (Industrial Countries and Developing Countries)

The examination regulations defines the objectives of the study program, the course of study and the admission requirements for the program. In addition, it regulates the forms of examination, the assessment of examination results and how to deal with failure, withdrawal or cheating in examinations. The examination regulations are only valid in German. The translation into English is purely informative.

The consolidated version of the examination regulations can be found here.

You can find an English, non-official translation of the examination regulation here.

Module directory EUM

The module manual describes all modules offered as part of the study program. All compulsory modules and basically offered elective modules are described. The courses of a semester represent only a part of compulsory elective modules presented in the module handbook.

Program plans and learning objectives matrix

The applicable study plans for both concentrations of the program can be found in the appendix of the examination regulations under A.1.2 for industrialized countries and A.2.2 for developing countries.

A learning objective matrix created for all modules can be found in the appendix of the self-report in chapter 3.4.

Additional information: Reaccreditation and self-report

As part of the reaccreditation of the Master's program in 2018, a joint self-report was prepared for the focal areas of industrialized countries and developing countries. The self-report incl. appendices, as well as the reaccreditation report of ASIIN can be found under the following links.