The equal opportunities representative

The equal opportunities representative supports the university with regard to strategies and measures to improve the equality of opportunities and promote the diversity:

She informs and advises on the spectrum of subjects like equality, discrimination, gender, queer, diversity, disability and on issues with regard to a family-friendly university and raises awareness for this subject matter in projects and events. Moreover, the equal opportunities representative counsels scientists, students and employees on issues of equal opportunities in science. 

The equal opportunities representative takes an active part in all staffing procedures, and in particular, in appointment procedures, has a right to speak and petition right in all EUF committees and is functionally autonomous. EUF employees can consult the equal opportunities representative without observing any official channels. 

2013-2015 Activity report

You are interested in the work of the equal opportunities office?
The current 2013-2015 Activity report can be found here.