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Bachelor's and Master's Theses: A Guide for Students

Registering Your Thesis Topic

Registering the Topic of Your Bachelor's or Master's Thesis

All students are required to formally register the topic of their bachelor's or master's thesis. Please use the registration form for your EUF degree program.

Registration Period

Thesis Registration Period for Teacher Education Students

The following thesis registration periods apply:

Bachelor's thesis:  November 1* through February 15 

Master's thesis: November 1*  through December 15 

*November of the year before you plan to receive your degree

When transitioning from your master's degree program to your student teaching internship [Referendariat], please observe the recommended exam schedules.

Minimum Time for Completion

Minimum Time to Complete Your Final Thesis

Before submitting your thesis, you must have worked on it for at least half the maximum working time allowed (Does not apply to the B.A. EUCS).

Deadline Extensions

Getting a Deadline Extension for Thesis Submission

This information applies to the following degree programs: BA Educational Science, MA Educational Science: Bildung in Europa - Education in Europe, MA Culture – Language – Media, MA Transformation Studies, Master of Education (all school forms), and Master of Vocational Education.

If necessary, you can apply to extend the deadline for submitting your thesis. In an email to your first reviewer (Gutachter), please state your full name and student ID number and outline the reasons for your request. The reviewer will then contact us via email to confirm their agreement with the extension. We will immediately forward this email to the Examination Office (SPA). 

It is important that we receive your request no later than the scheduled submission date for your thesis. Once the university has processed your request, the deadline extension will show up in Studiport under "Info über angemeldete Prüfung | Information about Registered Exams."

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For the B.A. European Cultures and Society, the follow information applies:
The examination board decides on the application for extension of the deadline to hand in the thesis. For that, you should write an email, directed to the examination board, explaining the reason for the extension request and the amount of time you would like to have the deadline extended – with a maximum of one month being allowed.
Beforehand, you should talk to your supervisor about the extension and obtain their agreement. This agreement of the supervisor should be forwarded together with your request.
The email requesting the extension of the deadline should be sent to  with the first supervisor in CC.

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Declaration of Academic Integrity

Declaration of Academic Integrity / Declaration of Original Independent Work

A copy of the affidavit provided below must be included as the last page of your thesis. This declaration, through which you affirm that the work submitted is entirely your own work, must be bound into the body of the thesis. We have also included a sample (Muster) thesis cover sheet (Deckblatt) as an example of design and layout.

Affidavits for the degree programs:

  • B.A. Educational Science
  • M.A. Educational Science: Education in Europe
  • M.A. – Director of Early Childhood Educational Facilities
  • M.A. Culture - Language - Media
  • M.Ed. Vocational School (gew.-techn.)
  • M.Ed. Community School Teaching
  • M.Ed. Primary School Teaching
  • M.Ed. Secondary School Teaching
  • M.Ed. Secondary School Teaching |  Focus: Sekundarstufe I
  • M.Ed. Special Education

Affidavit for the degree programs:

  • B.A. International Management (IM)
  • B.A. European Cultures and Society (EUCS)
  • M.A. European Studies (EUS)
  • M.A. International Management Studies (IMS)
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Submitting Your Thesis

When submitting your thesis on the scheduled date, please be careful to observe the examination regulations for your degree program. Take care to submit the right number of copies with an affixed electronic storage medium device. Also, be sure that you have actually bound the declaration of academic integrity into the body of your thesis (as the last page). Your thesis must have a permanent binding; ring bindings are not accepted!