Welcome to Europa-Universität Flensburg!

After you have received a place to study with us, you still have to enroll (matriculate).

You can find out more here about what has to be registered, when and where.
This is done by sending the documents listed in your letter of admission to the Registrar's Office.
After you have successfully matriculated, you can print out your student ID card as well as your study certificates in Studiport.
Studiport is the portal through which you will organize your studies (events, exams, certificates, etc.) in the future.
You received your access data with your enrollment documents.

What has to be reports how, when and where


You will find all further information about the start of your studies on the following pages:

If you have any questions from a student's point of view regarding BAföG, private housing, the state-wide semester ticket, etc., the AStA (General Student Committee) will help you.
On the subject of living on campus, you can find the relevant information here.
All information on the re-registration process can be found on the pages of the Student Administration Office under "Re-registration".

We wish you a good start to your successful studies!