Bild von Seeschwalben, die über Dünen schweben
Bild von Seeschwalben, die über Dünen schweben

Profile of Europa-Universität Flensburg

Research and teaching at Europa-Universität Flensburg span the educational sciences, economics, humanities, social sciences, technology and the natural sciences, with a focus on teacher education and international management.

Europa-Universität Flensburg is currently undergoing a fundamental shift in all of its core areas and has significantly sharpened its research profile. Research interconnections are emerging across the subject areas of justice, sustainability and diversity. Intercultural and international comparative perspectives, a wide variety of inter- and cross-disciplinary collaborations, and the close interconnectedness of theory and practice shape our scholarship and teaching.

In keeping with this profile, research at Europa-Universität Flensburg focuses on the areas of education, teaching, school and socialization, international management, interdisciplinary European studies, sustainability and environmental and - together with the Flensburg University of Applied Sciences - sustainable energy systems.

The university’s driving objective is to further its development into an internationally-oriented Europa university.

The concept of being a "university of and for Europe" that is strongly geared towards the educational sciences is unique. As the European dimension increasingly moves to the forefront of our research and teaching, the university’s profile will continue to emerge and develop from that sharper focus on European topics and perspectives.