What and Where is Flensburg?

In the north of Schleswig-Holstein

Flensburg is located in Schleswig-Holstein, the land between two seas. With over 90,000 inhabitants, it is the state’s third-largest city. It is also Germany’s northernmost city, with Denmark right across the border. Flensburg marks the westernmost point on the Baltic Sea, nestled at the inland tip of the Flensburg Fjord.

Surrounded by beaches

Inhabitants and visitors alike enjoy relaxing summer days at Flensburg’s several beaches, and mild but stormy winter days. A bit further out, the beautiful coastlines just outside the city also make for inviting outings.

A livable city

Flensburg is quickly evolving into a major city. It offers everything you would expect of a modern northern German university town: affordable accommodation, a lively cultural scene, extensive shopping opportunities in the city center and wider area, an increasingly sustainable infrastructure that is nevertheless growing with the town, and close ties between business and research.

Notwithstanding this impressive progress, Flensburg is and remains a compact and friendly city offering a high quality of life. Downtown, you can stroll through picturesque shopping streets and colorful medieval lanes that bear witness to the Flensburg’s history as a major port and trading hub. Enjoy a cozy hot drink in a café, sample the seafood down at the harbor, or simply bask in the sunshine, take in the fresh air, and watch the sailboats moving along the wide blue horizon of the Flensburg fjord.

Outstanding schools

Flensburg offers excellent educational facilities that make it especially attractive for families and young people. A special characteristic of Flensburg is the Danish contribution to local education: Six Danish schools in the trusteeship of Dansk Skoleforening for Sydslesvig support exchanges on both sides of the "green border" between Germany and Denmark. The city also has several Danish childcare facilities.

Typical distances

From To Distance
Flensburg (city center) Danish border (Krusau) 7 kilometers
Flensburg Kiel 90 kilometers
Flensburg Hamburg 160 kilometers
Flensburg North Sea coast (Dagebüll) 60 kilometers
Flensburg Sonderborg, Denmark(with EUF partner university Syddansk Universitet) 40 kilometers
Flensburg Legoland, Billund, Denmark 130 kilometers

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