Luftaufnahme der Flensburger Förde bei Sonnenuntergang
Luftaufnahme der Flensburger Förde bei Sonnenuntergang

The Region Around Flensburg

In choosing Flensburg as a place to study or work, you are deciding to move to one of the happiest regions on earth. Both Denmark, which borders Flensburg, and the state of Schleswig-Holstein have repeatedly headed the happiness rankings in recent years.

Denmark, for example, is regularly among the TOP 3 happiest countries on earth and thus in good company with its Scandinavian neighbors. Flensburg and the Flensburg Fjord are located right on the German-Danish border in the north of Schleswig-Holstein. In 2020, Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein were ranked first in all of Germany.

Exploring areas north and south of the border

Flensburg is an independent city surrounded by the district of Schleswig-Flensburg, which together form a unified economic area. The Schlei, Schleswig, and the Baltic coast are important tourist regions.

Beyond this, Schleswig-Holstein on the German side and the Sønderjylland region on the Danish side invite you to explore places that will fascinate you and your friends and family for years to come. Once there, you’ll learn why the people here are so happy.

Impressions from the region – get inspired!

Did you know?

Heading east from Flensburg on highway B199, you’ll suddenly find yourself in the region of Angeln. In the 5th century, many Angles migrated from this area to Britain, where they eventually took power and called themselves Anglo-Saxons—thereby perpetuating the appellation of their native region. Thus, the words "England" and the "English language" ultimately trace back to the name of the Angeln peninsula.