Getting to Campus

There are lots of ways to reach the EUF campus. Below are the best routes for each situation.

Your options for getting to campus:

By bicycle

Bike paths lead to the campus from different directions. Bicycling on the campus itself is also relaxed, thanks to the restrictions on traffic along many routes. Once you reach your destination, you can park your bike at one of our covered bike parking facilities to protect it from the elements.

University staff members also have access to locked parking facilities and staff bikes or ebikes.

And for extra reliability: You’ll see orange bike repair stations everywhere on campus. Accessible 24 hours a day, they contain the most important bike tools, including a stationary pump. We want to help you stay mobile!

By bus

The campus is readily accessible by bus. There are several bus stops right on the campus:

  • Campus Uni
  • Campusbad
  • Campus Hochschule

You can see which bus routes serve the campus and monitor approaching buses in real time here:

Students receive a digital semester ticket for bus and rail transport that is valid throughout Schleswig-Holstein, including all Flensburg buses. Special to Flensburg: At certain times of day, you can use your ticket to bring a second person with you free of charge. This is option is valid after 8 p.m. during the week and even earlier—from 6 p.m. on—during the weekend.

By train

Flensburg’s central train station, which connects to Hamburg, Kiel, and Denmark, is within walking distance of the university (2 kilometers uphill). You can also take a taxi from the queue in front to the station, or catch a bus—the university is only four stops away.

A tip for (prospective) employees: The state of Schleswig-Holstein offers its employees an optional "Job-Ticket" that can reduce the cost of daily commutes, in some cases drastically. This is also valid for travel on other forms of public transportation within the city of Flensburg. Further information [20402]is available on the Intranet.

By e-scooter

On the campus and throughout Flensburg, you will find hundreds of e-scooters provided by multiple rental operators. They can easily manage the inclines up to the campus in Sandberg, one of Flensburg’s higher neighborhoods.

E-scooter providers find include, among others:

  • Tier
  • Bird

Scooters can be parked in defined areas on the campus. You will find their exact locations in the apps provided by the sharing operators.

By car

The Bundesstraße B199 ("Osttangente") road provides the easiest route to the university campus. The campus is just off this road. Simply follow the signs for "Campus Uni" or "Universität" or enter the address "Flensburg, Auf dem Campus 1" into your navigation device.

Although the campus offers ample parking space, you might find most of the spaces occupied, especially mid-week.

Further information:


Our panoramic tour of the campus cannot replace an in-person visit, but you will discover much that is worth knowing and get a good impression of where things are before your arrival. Why not learn to find your way around the campus before arriving here in real life?

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The locations of all major buildings and facilities are shown on the interactive campus map. You can call up photographs and the addresses of all the buildings on the map.

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