Master Thesis 2019

Impact of Climate Change on the Theoretical Hydropower Potential of Punatsangchhu Basin
Evaluating the potential of power to hydrogen technology in the energy system of Belgium during 2020 - 2050
Reduction of Primary Energy Consumption of Modular Buildings trough Energy Management and Renewable Energy Integration - A Case Study of Europa Universität Flensburg
Pipeline Distribution of Biogas for Cooking in Nepal - 'Assessment and Evaluation of a Pilot Project in Nepal and Options for its Replication
Evaluation of Grid Reduction Techniques for Conducting Frequency Stability Analysis in Power Systems Dominated by Inverter-Based Generation
Biomass to Energy - A Techno-Commercial Feasibility Study for Implementation of Anaerobic Digestion Technology in Lebanon
Analysis of the economic feasibility of photovoltaic solar systems for Distributed Generation in Bolivia
Optimizing the operation of wind farms for improved performance
Evaluation and Development of Green Mini-Grid Business Models for Project Developers in Mozambique
Sustainable energy access and mobility on Lake Victoria
Improving Energy Access of Afghanistan's North East Power System by Considering Local Renewable Energy Resources
Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Assessment of Affordable Housing in Iranian Metropolitan Cities
Road-Map of Digitalization for the Energy Sector in El Salvador: Case Study with Focus on Distributed Generation
Energy Potential of Organic Municipal Solid Waste in Mysuru City, India
Analysing the impact of the Nigerian National Building Energy Efficiency code for its adoption at state level. 'Case study of Lagos and Plateau states'
Incorporating LCA in Solar PV design and Planning for Sustainability Optimization