Master Thesis 2018

Socio-economic Impact Study of 1MW Off-Grid Hybrid PV Plant in Bamyan, Afghanistan
Development and Assessment of Business Model for Distribution Companies (Discom) in Residential Roof Top Solar PV system in India
Cost effective planning for rural electricification based on a case study of Gualiva province in Cundinamarca, Colombia
Modelling the long-term Indian Electricity system and Assessing the potential RE contribution to the Indian electricity system by 2040
Evaluation of Grid Integration of Wind Power for Typical Island Grids in Indonesia
Analyzing the potential for small-scale, hig RE share hybrid energy systems in the Philippines
Analyzing the future wind energy development in Schleswig-Holstein
A Sustainable Energy Plan for South Sudan – A focus on technological and economic transition for both Off-Grid and On-Grid Energy Systems
Options for Energy Management in the Frequency Manufacturing Process at Danfoss Drives
Opportunities for Electromobility implementation: A case study at ‘Schleswig-Holstein Netz AG’
Understanding consumer preference for electricity services to support municipal energy planning in  Aamchowk Rural Municipality, Bhojpur District of Nepal
Analysis of Household cooking and heating energy service preference and access barriers to facilitate Energy planning in Bhojpur District of Nepal
Assessment of the Feasibility of Mobile Solar PV Power Plants and their Implications in Remote Areas of Afghanistan
Integration of Solar PV System into Cold Storage Facilities A Technical and Economical Assessment in Indonesia
Climate Neutral Alternative Fuels in Brazil
Techno-Economic feasibility study of 1 MW off grid electricity from biogas in Urban Nigeria