Teacher Education at Europa-Universität Flensburg

At EUF you can obtain your teaching qualification for all types of schools. That makes us unique in Schleswig-Holstein!

In general, schools fall into two categories: general education schools and vocational schools. Each of these schools requires a different type of teacher training.

Teacher training in Flensburg

Teacher training in Flensburg aims to give students enduring skills that can withstand the constant changes in teacher education. Future teachers should be able to cope with the diverse tasks of schools in a changing society.

This requires high-quality teaching and a curriculum that interweaves several elements: the subject, its didactics, the education sciences, and practical teaching issues.

Europa-Universität Flensburg helps you develop and acquire these skills and abilities so that you can act in an appropriate, self-directed, creative, solution-oriented and socially responsible way in social and professional contexts.

  • Research and practice-oriented teacher education
  • Career in context – A teacher right from the start
  • Learning environments and learning-oriented teaching
  • Heterogeneous learning trigger situations – recognizing, considering, and responding to student needs
  • Developing a teaching personality
  • Teacher education as a lifelong learning process
  • Teaching and learning in international exchange contexts