Becoming a member of ICES

All academic staff at Europa-Universität Flensburg may become full members of ICES, provided that they work within its thematic area and are interested in contributing to the center's activities. Researchers from other universities may become affiliated with the ICES as non-voting members. Membership is free of charge.

Interested persons can apply for membership by filling out and submitting this online form:

You can submit an application for membership here.

Together with our members we want to strengthen European studies at the EUF, promote international and interdisciplinary networking and be a central point of contact for academia, politics and civil society.

To this end, ICES is involved in the three areas:

Third-party funding: We accompany our members from the project idea to the final funding application and support them in project administration. This includes, among other things, our constantly updated list of relevant calls for proposals , support in the application process (e.g. checking formal requirements and support in budget planning) and our editing service for English-language texts.

Networking: We are happy to support our members in establishing and expanding cooperation with colleagues from academia and with representatives from politics, private sector and civil society. With this in mind, we are happy to assist our members, for example, in the organization of conferences and help in the search for suitable partners for the realisation of project ideas.

Promotion of early career researchers: Doctoral and post-doctoral students of all disciplines and institutes whose research focus in the field of European Studies are cordially invited to join the ICES Research School. The ICES Research School offers early-stage researchers various opportunities for interdisciplinary networking and to sharpen their qualification profile in order to pave the way for a career in academia.

Affiliated with the ICES Research School is the European Wasatia Graduate School for Peace and Conflict Resolution. This program for the training of Israeli, Palestinian and European PhD students creates an interdisciplinary framework for a dialogical understanding of the structural nature of conflicts and for the development of sustainable conflict resolution strategies.

ICES cooperates closely with the EUF centers KURS (Center for Small and Regional Languages), CaNoFF (Campus Nord für Frankreich & Frankophonie), and the Centre for Irish Studies. Together we promote early career researchers, academic exchange, and research. Information about the centers can be found here. Via our membership form you have the possibility to apply for membership with the associated centers as well.

As an ICES member you will also receive our monthly newsletter, in which we inform you about planned ICES events, current calls for proposals and research projects. ICES is also on Twitter (@icesEUF). If you would like to share your news in our newsletter, via twitter and on our homepage, let us know.

A general meeting of members is convened by the managing director, Prof. Dr. Monika Eigmüller, at least once a year. At these meetings we will have the opportunity to exchange information about the past year as well as plans and goals of ICES.

For more information please visit our website:; our offices are located in the Riga 6 building complex.