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Former MEP to Campus - visit of Elmar Brok

Talk about the European Parliament - 01.06.2021

As a part of the European EP to Campus, the students of the BA European Cultures and Society could get into contact with a former member of the European Parliament, who explained to them a bit about the European Institution where he for many years worked and who answered their questions and clarified their doubts.

At the invitation of Prof. Dr. Christof Roos, Mr. Brok joined the course "Political Science of Europe". In his talk he explained the powers of the European Parliament in 1980, when he first was elected and the evolution that the institution underwent until today. From a European Parliament with almost no power beyond approving or rejecting the European Budget to the co-decision procedure where now the Parliament has a voice in the approval of certain legislation. He also mentioned the current debates about the future of Europe, where the parliament might undergo new changed.

But above all, to be able to hear the personal experience of a former member of the EP, was a truly enriching experience for all present.