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EUCS student ambassador

EUCS student ambassador 2022/23

As student ambassador for ‘European Cultures and Society’ I, Lisa Petzina, went to several
schools in Schleswig-Holstein in order to make this study program more visible.
Together with Ayana Abu-Toboul, who is the student ambassador for ‘International
Management’, we created a presentation in which we on the one hand explained the
components of each of our study programs and on the other hand talked about what it is like
to study at the ‘Europa-Universität Flensburg’ in general. In addition, we incorporated some
questions that we had when we first started studying which the pupils highly appreciated as
they have not been to university before. Some questions were for example related to our
living situation, how it was to move out of our parental home, how we finance our studies as
well as how much free time we have. Usually, the pupils had many follow-up questions and
were very interested our personal experiences.
I believe that especially the question round during our presentation was quite helpful for the
pupils and I personally would have loved to have something similar during my school time to
get some insights in university live and future possibilities.
If you would be interested in us coming to your school or to fitting events, you can just
contact us via email:
We are looking forward to hearing from you!