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EUCS Graduation 2022

For the first time, the Transformation and European studies programs have their own graduation ceremony

European University Flensburg says goodbye to graduates in presence for the first time again

For the first time in two years, the European University Flensburg (EUF) has said goodbye to Master's graduates in presence.
What could be

"It feels so good to finally be able to celebrate your academic success together with you, your family and your friends again," said a delighted University President Prof. Dr. Werner Reinhart at today's (Sept. 23) graduation ceremony of the teaching degree programs in the Deutsches Haus in front of around 300 guests. A total of 529 prospective teachers received their certificates from August 2021 to August 2022. "No other generation of students has had to master their studies under such difficult circumstances. The fact that you were nevertheless able to complete it successfully should be a source of pride for you," emphasized University President Reinhart in his ceremonial address. He gave the graduates one wish to take with them: "Don't just come to terms with what is, but keep the idea of what could be. Those who always say 'it can't be done' only prove that their own imagination is limited and their courage small."

Pride and difficulty

Florian Kischl and Katharina Vieker, who spoke for the graduates*, also emphasized the difficulties of studying in Corona times, which they, however, understood as an opportunity with the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche: "Obstacles and difficulties are steps on which we climb to the heights." The two graduates, who are now in the preparatory service, proudly reported which obstacles they had overcome, as in their studies, and thanked the university staff and friends and family for the support they had received.
[220923 Graduating Teachers.]
Toward the stars, the stars behind them: The 2022 Teaching Graduates*.
For the first time own graduation ceremony of the transformational and european studies programs.

Not only future teachers received their certificates in person for the first time - graduates of the Transformational and European Studies programs were also honored in recent weeks.  On Friday, September 16, the directors of the Master's programs in Transformation Studies, European Studies, Education in Europe and Culture - Language - Media as well as the Bachelor's program European Cultures and Society said goodbye to a total of 85 graduates, each with a sunflower.

Special attitude of Flensburg students

Prof. Dr. Iulia Patrut, Vice President for Studies, Teaching and Digitization, expressly thanked the faculty and students for their special commitment during the last two pandemic years.

Prof. Dr. Iulia Patrut, Vice President for Studies, Teaching and Digitization, explicitly thanked the faculty and students for their special commitment during the last two pandemic years, which made their graduation possible in the first place.

Speaking on behalf of the master's program in transformational studies, program director Dr. Michaela Christ said, "These are challenging times." She emphasized that many of Flensburg's students are characterized by a special attitude, " a combination of, on the one hand, 'the future is scary, the world is in a really bad state,' and, on the other hand, 'I'm here to learn and do something about it.'"
Energy professionals for the global south

The desire to do something about the 'bad state' of the world also characterizes the twelve graduates who received their diplomas on Friday, September 9, at the graduation ceremony of the English-language master's program "Energy and Environmental Management in Developing Countries". Since 1989, the program, which is co-financed by the DAAD, has been training about 15 energy professionals from all three southern continents each year. The aim is to give more people access to modern and sustainable energy supplies. Against the backdrop of the current energy crisis, program director Prof. Dr. Bernd Möller pointed out the increased importance of education in the field of renewable energies worldwide.
Traditional air jump of the graduates of the master program "Energy and Environmental Management in Developing Countries".

Honoring particularly successful master's theses

The following students were honored for their particularly successful master's theses at the graduation ceremonies:

Thomas Spinnrath from the Transformation Studies program accepted the prize for the exemplary implementation of the mission statement of the European University Flensburg, the prize for outstanding performance of the Fördergesellschaft der Europa-Universität Flensburg went to Widya Derjong from the Master's program European Studies, the prize for outstanding performance in the teacher training program, offered by the Debeka Group, was awarded to Jessica Sylvia Brockmöller and Marieke Guntermann.

"Master of everything": Farewell to retirement

After 33 years of dedicated and successful work as coordinator of the study program "Energy and Environmental Management in Developing Countries", Dipl.-Ing. Wulf Boie was finally awarded the title "Master of everything" and retired.

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