Application deadline

The application deadline for non-E.U. applicants opened on December 1st, 2023 and is now permanently open until July 15th 2024, with the small note that the sooner you apply, the sooner you will get the admission decision.

E.U-.Applicants can apply between May 15th and July 15th.

How to apply

  1. Read the important information about this study-program. It can be found here and here. See the information about the application procedure at EUF here.

  2. Read and print the Application Instructions for the study-program. This form can be found here under "Application Information for Bachelor’s Degree Programs" with the file name "European Culture and Society - English".

  3. The application to this study-program is conducted online. In order to start your online-application, click here.
    IMPORTANT: only online-application forms filled in within the application period are considered valid

  4. Then you will be redirected to an online form. On the top left side of that page you will find a small flag representing the idioms in which the form is available: German and English.

  5. Fill in all the required fields accurately and follow the instructions on each of the 15 steps of the application. (See instructions here.)

    It is highly recommended to save the PDF file, before printing to avoid any loss of information!

  6. The completing of the online application form is just the first step in the application process. Carefully fill in the form "Application Instructions for the study-program" (See here again) - this document reiterates what other required documents should be submitted together with the printed online application form to the Admissions Office by the application deadline.
    Make sure that the documents are either sent in the original version or duly notarized copies. A translation to English or German is also important, if the documents are not in any of those two languages.

    Send those documents per post or deliver them personally.

  7. Where to send the documents:

    Europa-Universität Flensburg
    Auf dem Campus 1
    24943 Flensburg

  8. Carefully save the login information that you will receive at the end of the online application procedure. This information is important to closely follow the status of their application. Applicant can see if their application has been received and whether it is complete or missing documents. Please note that any missing documents must be submitted before the application deadline. It is therefore advisable that applicants submit any missing documents as quickly as possible.

    Use this website to insert the login information: Studiport.

Admissions decisions are not published on the online portal. Both acceptance letters and rejection letters alike will be mailed to the address provided during the online application process. A change of address during the selection process is therefore, not possible, so please enter an address where the applicant will be available and, in case the applicant is moving, do not forget to leave a forwarding address with the post office until the applicant has received his or her letter.

Good luck!

Online application procedure


For questions related to the application procedure, feel free to contact:


This university does not offer scholarships to students. For more information on how to finance your studies, please check DAAD.