Details of the B.A. European Cultures and Society

Overview & Profile

General Information

Degree Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Duration 6 Semesters
Type of program Full-time study
Program start Every fall semester
Language(s) of instruction English
Tuition fees None, but a semester fee is due every semester

About this degree program:

Program profile

The European Cultures and Society (EUCS) bachelor’s degree program at Europa-Universität Flensburg is an English-taught, interdisciplinary degree program focusing on European scholarship and research in the humanities, cultural studies and social sciences.

As a student in the EUCS program, you will acquire subject-specific and methodological skills in disciplines within the humanities, cultural studies and social sciences relevant to European Studies. In parallel, you will choose either a cultural or social science focus.

You will also acquire expertise in the practical design of various fields of practice relevant to Europe.

The program includes a mandatory semester abroad in one of our many international partner universities. This study abroad allows you to deepen your foreign language and intercultural communication skills, among other things.


What I found most interesting so far:

In Academic Skills (1st semester) we receive a first look at how interdisciplinarity can be used and its importance by taking one topic and having professors from different faculties come and discuss this topic from the perspective of their discipline. Some examples were from the perspective of natural sciences, an artist's view, even a politician's understanding and standpoint on the topic. This way we could see how different issues can be analised from several points of view.

Through the class Social Practice (4th semester), we got the chance to apply the knowledge received through the several semesters by going on a class excursion to Brussels to analyze EU migration policies.

Meeting the author to the book "We the Drowned", Carsten Jensen, in Transnational Perspectives (4th semester) was also very interesting.

Courtney Kees, student, 09.05.2018