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Abteilung Wirtschaftswissenschaften und ihre Didaktik
Professorinnen und Professoren
Internationales Institut für Management und ökonomische Bildung
Dr. Werner Jackstädt-Zentrum


No Title Type Semester
531040k Ökonomische Theorien (Modul 13) Seminar Spring semester 2024
531035k Politik und Wirtschaft in der Vermittlung c Seminar Spring semester 2024
531037k Behavioral Economics b Seminar Spring semester 2024
531034k Politik und Wirtschaft in der Vermittlung b Seminar Spring semester 2024
531042k Wirtschaftsdidaktik Doktorandenkolloquium Kolloquium Spring semester 2024


Research focus

  • Entrepreneurship Education

As part of the Entrepreneurship Education, the training and further education of persons being willing and able to start a business and/or act as a co-entrepreneur are analyzed. In this context, teaching requires a stronger focus on the subject and, thus, an organizational framework allowing and promoting teaching/learning processes in a self-regulated manner. At the level of the teaching/learning process organization, this implies a focus on action-oriented methods against the backdrop of increasingly self-regulated learning processes and a new conception of the university curriculum with regard to the requirements of self-regulated learning.  

  • Gender as didactic category

In relation to gender-sensitive didactics gender develops into a didactic category to be investigated in the economic teaching/learning context. In this context, theories of "Doing/Undoing Gender" play a significant role in teaching processes. All elementary factors of the didactic learning structure are herby reflected within the framework of the economic education and developed from a gender-oriented perspective.  

  • Diversity Education

The research area of Diversity Education refers to the following theoretical approaches: gender studies, intercultural education, diversity management and intersectionality. With due regard to these theories, a diversity education is developing in many places which intends to place special emphasis on the diversity of the persons involved in the teaching-learning process and which does not exclude or discriminate any diversities, but integrates the latter in the teaching-learning situation in an esteeming and beneficial manner. Learners learn to learn with diversity. Within this field of research, amongst other things,  the effect of simulation models within company processes is analyzed. It is here where student teachers are prepared for the future challenge to use diversity in economic education and to integrate the latter in the didactic considerations of the lessons in an esteeming manner.  

  • Transfer research

In relation to the main topic of transfer management transitions from school to work (young people with special needs) and even from studies to work (teaching profession) are analyzed with regard to any improvement potentials (biographical research). This research topic underlies didactic theories, feeding from the didactic action theory. In particular, student teachers for elementary, secondary modern as well as middle schools even benefit from this research area in teaching.