Conditions of Participation

The Sports Center of the University of Flensburg issues a pass for the participation in the University Sports program. It is available at the vending machines in the foyer of the Flens-Arena (cf.hallplan). The fee has to be paid in cash. The pass is valid only when signed and in combination with an official identification document, such as identity card or passport. Students must additionally hold a student identification card with them. Student pricing is available only for students of the University of Flensburg and the University of Applied Sciences of Flensburg. Within the limits of available capacities, extern user can take part in the University Sports program. A University Sports pass is not transferable and cannot be replaced in case of a loss. Please do not laminate the pass, as it is heat sensitive. The withdrawal of a pass, even due to injury or medical reasons, is not possible. The Sports Center of the University of Flensburg does not provide any accident insurance for its users. Damage or liability compensation claims can also not be accepted. We strongly recommend to leave your valuables at home. Please store your personal belongings in the changing room lockers provided. This requires a padlock each user brings along. Please remove the padlock when leaving the Sportscenter. Our team will otherwise open the padlocks after business hours. Any belongings found in the changing room lockers after business hours can be picked up at the management of the Sports Center.

Unauthorized Use of Services

Any offers of the Sports Center of the University of Flensburg can be used by holders of a valid pass only. An unauthorized user has to pay an amount up to the fee for a 12-months-pass of the category "extern user". An unauthorized use is already given, if the pass is not valid for the used category (e.g. using the fitness club CampusFitness® with a sportpass excluding the fitness club CampusFitness®). The pass always has to be carried along when attending the program of the Sportscenter. In case a user cannot show his or her valid pass during pass controls, the further use of the program can be prohibited until the user hands in his or her pass. The Sportscenter reserves the right to impose an exclusion from the facilities and to bringe a charge against the user. Please note that assistance to unauthorized use of the Sportscenter will also be prosecuted and can lead to an exclusion from the facilities.